How I Feel When I Run

You know how somedays you can't think of a single word to write and then other days it just naturally flows? Well, occasionally, the writing bug strikes just AFTER I've logged out of my email and the blog.

That, I tell you, is the time to log right back in and WRITE! Even if it's just a few run on sentences or some bulleted thoughts, I find that writing down a few ideas now is better than saving it in your head and forgetting all those genius thoughts you once had. Okay, they don't even have to be genius, but possibly interesting to readers or just for your own good.

How I Feel When I Run:

Running makes me feel strong and confident.
It makes me feel like I have power over my own mind, my decisions and my pace (most of the time).
It gives me assurance that all this hard work and the hours of training I put into this thing I love are worth it.

Running makes me want to smile from the inside out.
And sometimes, it makes me want to cry.
Sometimes my hip or my hamstring or my knee hurts like hell and I think "Why am I putting myself through all this pain?"

Running makes me aware of my surroundings.
It opens my eyes to new opportunities, people and neighborhoods.
It brings me sanity and peace of mind.

Running makes me proud of my body.
Running makes me proud to be a woman.
Running makes me feel grateful that I have a body that can do all this crazy stuff.

Running makes me feel like I have a purpose, even if for just 45 minutes.

Tell me, how do you feel when you run or ride or do whatever it is you LOVE to do?


J said…
Running makes me feel care free and fast and connected to the world in such a wonderful way. Running makes me happy and clears my head and allows me to have alone time!
Awesome post lady!

Running makes me feel SO GOOD about my body. As someone who grew up with major body self-confidence issues I have never been as confident as I am since I started running! I love the feeling a morning run gives me to carry throughout the day!
Running makes me feel strong. Capable. Confident. Sexy. Ever a bd run is better than no run!
"Running makes me aware of my surroundings." I wouldn't have thought to word it this way, but this says it all!

It makes me take time for myself, With myself. It's a way to be around friends, that's always free :) It's a way to seek out challenge, adventure & freedom. It's a way to find out what your body really means to you, and how much you can take care of it.

Love this post, Sass.
Raquelita said…
Running makes me feel empowered, free, strong, and happy. It is fun. It gives me clarity of mind and a sense of carefree fun.

Great post!
Lisa Fine said…
Running makes me feel strong. And fit.

And I completely agree about writing when the ideas come. I finally gave into buying an iPhone, and one of my favorite features is the Notepad app. Anytime I get an idea for a post, I jot it down, and since I almost always have my phone with me, I keep track of far more ideas.

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