Don't Make it End

This trip has been awesome and Victoria, B.C. is an amazing city. All of us agreed that it felt like a big smaller city. There are so many shops, quality restaurants and things to do here.

Now, what you're waiting for - the marathon story! I'll do a full recap on the marathon soon, but for now I'll tell you that I hit my ultimate goal of finishing the race in 3:45.

In fact, my new PR is now 3:44:27! It wasn't easy, but I worked really hard and pushed myself hard to hit my goal.

My hip hurt from the very start, but I was determined to stay on pace the entire time and really hauled it in the last few miles. And now I have a sore throat and runny nose to show for my hard efforts - the price you pay.

It's sad to see the weekend end, but we're now on the ferry bound for Vancouver and then Lisa and I will drive back to Seattle, WA for her flight home.

Anyway, happy Monday (and Canadian Thanksgiving)! I feel so lucky to have had such a great experience with bloggers who feel more like friends than just internet connections. I would highly recommend visiting Victoria, B.C. if you ever have the chance!

Tell me: What was the best part of you weekend?


abbi said…
Congratulations on your new PR and looks like you had a great weekend all around!
Kara said…
I'm going to Victoria in the summer next year and I can't wait to hopefully visit all the little places! And I see you went to David's Tea! It's awesome!

The best part of my weekend was probably hosting a pay-per-view event for our friends Saturday night! Lots of food and good times :)

Congrats on the PR!
Congratulations on your PR!
Brigid said…
WOW! Way to go with making your marathon goal! That is amazing. You must feel great!
I've never been to Canada, but have several Canadian cities on my to-go list.
Morgan said…
Well done chica!!! Can't wait to hear the whole story!!!
Congrats on the new PR! I still can't fathom running more than 3 miles so that's awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Emily said…
CONGRATS on an awesome race!!!
Liz said…
CONGRATS! That's awesome :) Enjoy it and get some rest!
Meggie said…
Congrats to you!
Lindsey said…
Congrats on the new PR! I can't wait to hear all about it.

I really want to go to Victoria sometime. My cousin and his wife live there and it looks like such a fun City.

My favorite part of the weekend was watching my dad complete his half marathon. I'm so impressed that at 60 years old he was able to run his first half!
I miss you already. SUCH a fun weekend! This recap captures it perfectly :) And you amaze me with your speedy marathon legs :) :)
Raquelita said…
Congrats on the PR! I hope the sore throat and congestion clear up for you soon. Can you take it easy and get some extra rest the next few days?

The best part of my weekend: running 2 pain free miles with a good friend!
J said…
Congrats on the PR! Awesome job!

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