Wait, What Promise?

Oh what a beautiful Friday morning!

You guys - I have been experiencing some seriously rockin' skies lately.

 Usually, I'll be dutifully walking the dog and notice how cool the sky looks. After our 15 min walk, I rush inside to grab my camera and snap a few photos of the beauty above me before it goes away.

So, about that running...
 The manfriend tried to force me not to run this week. Okay, I kind of promised him (eeks!).

WELL, yesterday, I just had to test it out and went on a easy 3 mile jaunt. It wasn't too bad so last night I opted to head to the SPEED workout with plans of just running a few miles easy. Well, you know what happens when I'm not in strict taper mode...I run hard.

The verdict? Legs felt like lead and were screaming something like "Why the hell are you doing this to me?" But I just kept on truckin'!

The workout: 1.3 mile warm up, drills, 1 mile @ 5-10K pace, 3 min rest, 800m @ 5K pace, 1.5 min rest, 800m @ 5K, 3 min rest, 4 x 400m @ mile pace (1.5 min rest btwn each), and finally a 1 mile cool down.

I'll be honest, the legs and body feel exhausted, but man it felt good to run strong and hard. And on the positive, the manfriend did suggest I get a massage. Does that mean he's payin'? ;)

And then I came home and made a deeeelicious grilled sandwich inspired by Iowa Girl Eats cuz home girl knows how to make a meal. Now I've just gotta get one of those griddlers.

Now a little Friday cruisin' music for ya:

Ever since we saw Amos Lee in concert a few weeks ago, I just can't get that voice out of my head. There's something so calming about it.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Fun kitchen gadget you've been eyeing?

I'm going to try to take it easy and do some yoga (and a little running), chores and chilling out.


Leigh said…
Those are some seriously gorgeous skies! Hope you have a great weekend Lauren :)
You crazy girl! Rest up! You have an upcoming marathon and don't want to be running on exhausted legs. I agree with manfriend, take some time off and FORCE YOURSELF to stick with it! :)

Those sky pictures are gorgeous! I love it!
I'm with Amber and the manfriend! Totally impressed that you tackled those workouts, but a little worried about those legs of yours. They might feel "okay" (or like lead) now, but a few weeks from now this week of recovery could be crucial! :) take the massage...

I would Love a panini grill, but just can't seem to justify it. It's like a pancake skillet - sure, it makes things easier, but its totally unnecessary. :p
Lindsey said…
You are awesome. I can't believe you were able to do a speed workout this week! I'm taking the week off running and all the running I did last weekend was a 5K but body is feeling tired.

I want a juicer. But I just can't get myself to finally make the decision to buy one.
Wow, those skies ARE awesome. I will steal one and add it in to my next landscape painting!
I spent the weekend in Charlotte with a blogging friend! We did a 10k yesterday am and then shopped at an outlet mall. Such a fun day! I head back today.

I would like to buy a spiralizer so I can make zucchini noodles, etc.

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