Rest Needed

Well, our visitors headed back to Chicago this morning and the manfriend and I are enjoying the rest of our long weekend. Because I did my runs one day ahead of schedule this weekend, I opted to take today as a rest day.

Well, that and the fact that I ran 6 miles yesterday morning and then we hiked a hilly 4 miles with our guests.

After hiking, we showed them around the Saturday Market to get a flavor of Eugene and enjoy some great people watching. Someday, when I have a bigger garden, I need these stakes that identify the plants. I especially enjoyed the 'dead weeds' marker.

Tie dye anyone?

Eventually, we grabbed some lunch at home before heading out to cheer on the Ducks. Unfortunately, they lost to LSU, but we still had a great time!

With a few busy, but fun days behind us, my body was telling me I needed a day off. So, I did a little Dave Farmar yoga and decided that was enough. I spent a few hours with my feet up (in compression socks), staring at this for a few hours.
Okay, it's off to bed I go. I hope to wake up rested and ready for a little trail run.

Theme of the week: easy does it! Just 6 days 'til my first 50K!


Enjoy your rest week - I know rest weeks can be tough as you are gung ho to get out there! I am excited to hear how your 50k goes! I am considering doing a 25k at the end of October but I have never ran a trail before in my life! The reg fee doesn't go up until the race now (I think) so I might do some trail runs after Victoria and then decide.
Sounds like a great weekend!!! Definitely take it easy this week. The 50K is going to be hard on your body and you'll need all the extra energy!!

I can't wait for you to do it though, it's going to be so fun!!
Lindsey said…
I totally want those garden stakes. So cute. It's great you are getting some rest before next weekend.
Lol compression socks will always remind me of you! ... and accidentally snuggling with your socks in our HLS hotel room :)
Fun weekend! I would never consider Dave's yoga for a "rest" day, haha, but hey couchtime afterward definitely works. ;)

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