Busy Buzzzzzzy Bumble Bee

When life gets busy, blogging is often the one thing that has to be omitted on occasion in order to fit everything in. However, it's often the last thing I want to omit. But if I have to choose, getting my blood pumping and my miles checked off my training plan are priority during marathon time.

So what's new? Well, I checked off my last LONG run for marathon training on Saturday! 21 tough miles are in the bag!
My friend Chris was kind enough to run most of it with me even though he isn't training for a marathon right now. We ended up running about 5 miles of trail at the beginning with our group and then splitting off for the rest.

This was followed by an ice bath, foam rolling, lots of food and a nap. This marathon runner is learning to love naps.

Saturday night, the manfriend and I headed to a wedding for two of the runners. This handsome guy was my date. 

I wore this old JCrew seersucker dress from college because it's fairly comfy and I love the color. But to be honest, as I was going through all of my dresses, I realized I'm lacking in a few staple dresses. I couldn't pick a single one of my dresses that I love for a nice occasion.

It did the trick, but I think it's time to give it to a resale shop.  

Tonight, the manfriend was back to it on the cyclocross front. I do looove me some cyclocross.  Rest assured, I also fit in my 7 mile tempo run before/after his race. 
Such a fun sport to spectate, especially when you have an excuse to wear rain boots and bundle up. 

Tonight's sky however wasn't baring rain clouds, but it was gorgeous!
Does anyone else have a sky obsession

Blog talk: Do you worry about your content over your frequency of posting or vice versa? Tina posted some great thoughts on quality content. 

I'm probably equally worried about quality and frequency, even though I don't make any moolaw from this little blog. I just don't want to leave people hanging for too long.

And the truth is, even on days I'm not sure what I'll write about, something always comes to mind. I find that the more you write, the more you generate new ideas. The trick is sitting down and finding the time to write all those thoughts out. 

Sorry for the completely random post! And I don't know what bumble bees have to do with this post, but I just like the way it sounds. Bzzzz....


siri said…
I'm jealous of how many weddings you get to go to! What's a foam roll?
21 miles?! Dang girl, I bet those legs are tired :) Feeling ready for the next race??
Ah, the last long run! It's a good feeling!
Sometimes I skip days and days of posts because I have nothing interesting to say ;)
You're going to rock Victoria. I know it!!! I'm so excited!

I think that dress is super cute but I know what you mean about being sick of your closet. I'm feeling that way about all my work-appropriate clothes this fall/winter. Need to do some shopping but I'd WAY rather spend my money on workout clothes. What a dilemma :)
J said…
I seriously took 10 pictures a night while on the honeymoon of the sunset. I just love pictures of a beautiful sky but often I don't have my camera with me on a run :/
Blogging sometimes is the first thing to go when I get busy - really depends.
I get to see you a week from today! :) Yippee, or I should say, "Yee haw" after my week in Texas. :) Nice job on the long run. I love that dress - it is a great color on you!

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