Secrets of a Happy Marriage series

And if you haven't seen Joanna's Secret's of Happy Marriage series she's posted while she's away on her honeymoon, you must check it out now! Even if you're not a romantic, not married, and not close to it, you'll enjoy these words of wisdom and adorable little pics couples have posted for all of us to learn from.

Some of them are just cute (pancakes are the secret to a happy marriage - that's ok, i agree) and others really have some insightful relationship wisdom for those of us who may someday get hitched. Read on!

Do you like reading blog post series? What topics have caught your fancy?


magda said…
What a great series! Thanks for the link ... love stories like these are just so uplifting. I've never seen a blog series like this before, but now I feel inclined to!
Anonymous said…
I've never seen a blog series either! That one is tooooo cute :)

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