a photo recap

I didn't have my camera with me yesterday so here are a few lovely shots taken post 75 miles. I realize I neglected to have a pic taken of me with the new bike back when I promised I would. So, here it is. The fabulous little blue and white Trek Madone 4.5. Carbon frame, fork and all that jazz. Love it.

And guess what?? After this ride, my odometer was almost at 1,000 miles! Yeah! Crazy how much mileage you can put on a bike in such a short time.


Morgan said…
*whistle* Hott bike there missy!!!
I really like your bike and you look FAB for having just biked 75 freaking miles!!!
there's an odometer?? HOW FUN!! ha, I'd be obsessed with that. someone should find out how to put those on shoes ;) ha, oh man.

Cuuute pics!
reederscorner said…
Wow - that's awesome! :)
Sassy Molassy said…
Trials-I had to purchase and attach the odometer separately, but yes, it's pretty sweet. Love being able to see how far and fast I'm going...kind of like the Garmin watch!

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