the most fabulous kind of friends and a baby on the way!

Saturday was one of those mornings that reminds you why you need friends of the same sex. I had brunch with three of my great girls (and runners of course), one of whom is preggers. Well, I found out last night via text that her water broke! She is now in the hospital and in labor, but noooo baby yet!

It was one of those fabulous mornings of tea, french toast on challah bread w/ berry compote, syrup and whip cream for topping and some serious girl talk. I too have become one of those girls who hasn't necessarily neglected her friends (god forbid), but have let the act of really reaching out, getting together and enjoying their company go to the wayside when this whole little relationship came along.

It's tough. I'm a connector and pride myself at being SO GOOD at staying in touch, but when someone else is calling you home after that run or each night after work, it's just a little easier to forget to ask them questions or not really hear their answers. So, it's a challenge I'm trying to stay on top of. Be present with the people you're with. Enjoy each moment thoroughly and know that while this relationship is so important and fills your heart, it can't replace those other people who support you, your friends.

Anyone else have trouble staying connected to your girlfriends when you're in a relationship? I think it can totally depend on the characteristics of people in the relationship.

Anyway, can't wait to see this little bundle of joy that is coming to C's family any time now! She will be a gorgeous mix of Irish father and Mexican mother. Olive skin with freckles?? We'll just have to wait and see!


I definitely used to when Eric and I first started dating. Now that we've been together for SO long it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem anymore, though.

I think it makes a difference on how long you've been together and whether or not you live together. I'm also the kind of person that NEEDS to hang with her girlfriends or I get mopey - whereas Eric doesn't mind hanging out with just me or no-one at all!

Congrats to your friend!!
Aww, congrats C!!!

Luckily (?) my longest-term relationship was also long distance. SO, I got plenty of friend time ;) it can be a challenge though! at least you guys have similar interests (i.e. running/cycling) so it's easy to blend your social lives together here and there!

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