Friday, thank you for FINALLY showing up!

It doesn't feel like Friday, but I'm sure glad it is. I'm done. Tired. Sick of this week. It's been crazy busy and I feel like a train hit me somewhere around Wednesday. As a result, I think it's quite fitting that I have absolutely nothing REALLY set in stone for the long weekend. But you know I can't stand a weekend full of time with nothing to fill it.

So here's my flexible to do relaxation list:

  • Long trail run with one of my girls
  • a movie (Ugly Truth or Julie & Julia)
  • cooking an asian feast from scratch (i'm thinking shrimp fried rice or phad thai)
  • wine
  • watching the man's cyclocross race(s)
  • moonlight hike
  • reading
  • yoga

I think this weekend is supposed to be a bit rainy so I'm seeing jeans and hoodies in my future. Oooh, who doesn't love getting cozy? And what's on your list for the weekend?


Oscar Yeager said…
I want to see that Julie And Julia movie too.

At first glance it doesn't really look like a guy movie, but I like the blogger connection.
Well judging by your email earlier you've achieved at least a few of those things on the list!! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend :-)
moonlight hike sounds fun :) what movie did you go with?? I JUST saw Harry Potter (6), in IMAX. gotta say, that was worth the wait!
magda said…
Absolutely nothing beats a good jeans and hoodies weekend. Especially a long weekend--sounds so perfectly comfortable! Hope it was all that and more : )

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