Born to fit winner goes shopping!

Thanks to Sues and Chels at We are Not Martha, I was the WINNER of a $50 Gap gift card! This never happens to me people. It's probably the biggest thing I've ever won. And hey, I love Gap, so even more perfect!

Sunday evening while the man went for beers and grub with other men folk, I headed to Gap to try on the new fits and explore their fall line.

I piled everything from cords to tops to almost every kind of new jean onto my arms and hit the dressing room.

My two favorite styles of jeans were the Perfect Boot (above) and Sexy Boot (below). I felt they fit pretty similarly, but ended up choosing the perfect fit in the light wash because all of my jeans are dark. So, why not try something new?

The cords (as wonderful as they always sound and feel) just do not flatter the thighs. I was also disappointed with the lack of sweaters and fall tops in the store. Granted, I do live in a smaller city so our Gap isn't humungo, but still.

Has anyone else tried out the new Gap jeans? There are so many styles and washes to choose from! I was excited to see work pants in my fav style (hip slung trousers), but disappointed when the store didn't have my size in any color. Oh well, do I REALLY need another pair of black pants? Not so much!


I like the new jeans as well. My fave is the Long & Lean - which isn't new, but I still love them.

I tried the Cords as well & wondered who they WOULD be flattering on. Yowza.

I'm also a fan of the Hip Slung trousers.
Oooh yay! So glad you found a pair that fit you so perfectly!! And I'm so happy your wrote a whole post about your shopping experience :)


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