boot camp for your booty!

Last night I was scheduled to do some SPEED with the runners and coach, but I opted out. I got an email earlier in the day from Lifeforce Fitness offering a free class. It's a place I've been a few times before that offers boot camp style classes as well as yoga. Who can pass up a free kick your butt workout that would normally cost $10?

I headed downtown, parked a few blocks away, got a few minutes of running in and prepared for 90 minutes of sweating. It was great. The first 30 min were dedicated to yoga, the next 45 boot camp (think wall squats, sprinting in place w/ pushups thrown in between, crazy ab ball workout, etc) and then the final 15 was yoga followed by a jog back to the car.

Sometimes I hesitate switching up my routine because I'm afraid I won't burn as many calories as when I'm running, but last night proved to be a positive change that allowed me to really work some muscles that haven't been worked in a while and at the same time get a little more focused on my movements with the yoga piece. It was one of those breakthrough moments. My left knee has been hurting, I fell on my bike the other day (for the third time-thank you car in driveway and clip-in pedals) and scraped up my right knee and running just didn't seem like the thing to make either of these better.

So while my fall gym membership has been renewed, I'm also going to plop down $75 on a 10 class pass at Lifeforce Fitness and get some more boot camp style fun in. I'm happy about my decision to put down a little more money than I'd like for a quality workout that will make me sweat. And speaking of sweating, this morning I put in some time with Jillian to do a little cardio/strength/ab training and boy was I dripping. Then went for a speedy mcspeedy 10 min walk around the neighborhood before showering and getting on with my day.

Happy Friday! I have some friends coming into town tonight from San Fran for dinner/happy hour then work tomorrow morning, Oregon Ducks vs. Cal Bears football game, hopefully a run/bike, then a friend's 30th bday party! Sunday, I'm heading north EARLY for a 75 mile supported bike ride! It's part of "century ride," but I opted to do the 75 mile rather than the full 100 since I haven't even broken 50 miles on the bike in one ride to this point. Check back on Monday to see if I survived... ;)


I really need to add in some NON-running stuff. I did Level ONE of the 30-day shred on Wednesday night and I'm SO SORE from it! I never used to get sore from level 1, but that was when I was doing weight training almost every day!

Running keeps me fit, but I definitely need to mix it up, too!
Anonymous said…
ok you are the second blogger-friend who is doing these crazy long bike rides!! Smart call staying away from 100 Juuuust yet....i would think? not a biker though. ;) haha.

have a fun weeekend!! go ducks!!!
That sounds awesome! Classes like that here in Boston are at least $20 and sometimes more! My gym has pretty good classes included in the membership at least. But it'd be nice to go somewhere else for more specialized classes too!


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