A newbie of sorts

It's always a little nerve racking starting something new...a new job, a new relationship, a new sport. Last night, I joined a group cycling ride with the manfriend and a few of the runners who ride as well (hi S and D!) It's inevitable that no matter what that new thing is, you inevitably will reach that point where you just have to dive in, head first, to the things you don't feel quite prepared for. Like a big project, that serious talk, or a hard hill climb and speed demons you can't keep up with.

Well, last night, after a few rides with the man and several more on my own, I bit the bullet. The good thing is that although I'm pretty competitive, with cycling I have the attitude that "well, basically I'm going to suck for a long time so I don't care how fast others are able to fly by me." No, that mentality does not always stick with me, but for the most part, I'm just letting it be, which is surprising to even me. So when the man asked "are you nervous?" as we were riding over I honestly answered "no" because I'm going to suck on these hills.

The important thing is (we're looking for positives people. Sometimes you have to do that when it's what motivates you to keep going.) that I got out to do some more hills and I got a bit of experience in the whole group ride thing, since I have now learned and loved the ways of the group run. But group rides are a little different. If you get behind, there's most likely little chance of catching up (unless people stop and wait for you) AND if you're tired and can stay with the main pack they can literally carry you along (they say you can save up to 30% of your energy when riding in the slipstream).

I remember my first few group run experiences. They were mostly positive because a few awesome ladies would come up and just chit chatter as we ran, even though I was a newbie. At first it was hard to feel like I should be there, but after a month or two, people start recognizing you, remembering your name and one day "BAM, you're in!" You're part of the group. Love that feeling. A group of people who totally understand you and are there for you for friendship, or a workout when needed.

Well, after using "the running stick" and then having the man massage inflict pain on my quads, and then a morning jog with the dog, my legs are feeling much better. As for tonight's speed workout, time will only tell. Things are heatin' up here. It's going to be a 90+ day. And we have a runner's potluck after the SPEED, for which I've baked a key lime pie. Crossing my fingers it turned out!

Have you been the newbie of something recently? A new company, class, running group? When did you feel like you were "in" so to speak? I know it takes time to become part of that main group, but the payoff in the end is worth it.


TayLor said…
Lately I've made meals from scratch, which I'm for sure a newbie at! I made lasagna without my recipe card (ok, I've made this before, but I always had the recipe card in front of me, couldn't find it this time, so I was on my own!) and it was delicious, I even added ingredients that I know weren't on that card! I recently found a veggie, no-crust quiche recipe that I've talked about making, but I'm always afraid to try new things because what if I mess up, my boyfriend doesn't like it or even worse, I don't like it?! Anyway, I just went ahead and did it, I followed the recipe and what do you know! It was so good! The boyfriend didn't like it, but I did (more for me that way!) and I stepped out of comfort zone and now I'm "in" with baking! Can't wait to make turkey meatloaf this weekend!
YES! Run groups! Just recently joined TWO and it was nervewracking at first, yes. I was SO nervous I'd be the slowest, worst runner in the group! But it's since grown on me and NOW I LOVE it!!! So happy I did it!

Good for you for doing the group cycling with the man friend! You'll be keeping up with the pack before you know it!
Sassy Molassy said…
hey tay-i've made turkey lasgna, which was awesome. Plus, it makes TONS of left overs. I also love adding things that aren't in the recipe if they sound good to me!


Amber-I know what you mean about feeling like you'll be slow. In my running group, I'm not always the slowest (since we now have a few preggos in the group and some a bit slower than me), but when I am I'm fine with it because I love the group and know the run is good for me.
Anonymous said…
I'm Just starting to feel like a "regular" at the running group - recognizing most of the people, knowing names, talking to the "new peeps" etc :) It's so fun, I love joining them.

way to step outside the comfort zone and join the bike one too! I bet you sign up for a Tri in no time ;)
I wish you were around here so I could come and be the new girl in your running group. I just can't get myself to join.
I have been meaning to join a running group, but am paranoid that I'll be the slowest person. I am hoping to join in September, though. Figure by then maybe I will run at a consistent 9:30 speed (I am not speedy like you!!!)

But even if I'm not running a 9:30 and am still running my 10 min miles, I'll still give it a shot. I don't know why I am so nervous about it - the worst that can happen is I am the slowest and it's like anyone would care!

Good for you for trying something new! What a great thing for you & the man friend to do together. So nice that you have a common hobby that you can do together!

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