A little run run run and an award

Last night I sucked it up and put in 4 miles with the group. The nice thing about a group is that there are people at all paces so there's always someone to run with if you want. And the other nice thing is that you don't have to run with anyone if you don't want to. For instance, last night, I just wasn't feeling it.

My pace was slow and I wasn't in the mood to be pushing the pace, chit chatting, or even slowing it down a bit. So I hit the speed my legs said were my "go pace" and I just kept it there no matter where the other runners were. And while everyone else generally stuck to the 3/5/7 mile options, I did a 4 cuz I'm crazy like that.

The legs were still a little sore from Saturday's pounding, but I knew the run was necessary. Afterward, I hit up Trader Joe's to grab dessert to bring to my dinner with a few of the college girlfriends. I went to the freezer section and plucked up the tiaramisu torte and was on my way.

Dinner was fabulous. First was a spinach w/ strawberries, pears and fresh parmesean salad. Then, it was bread w/ olive oil grilled and topped with pesto, basil, mozarella and tomato. And we paired it all with a fabulous 2006 Saginaw Pinot Noir. YUM! The TJ's tiramisu was a perfectly sweet, but light dessert for a nice summer evening with friends.

This morning the dog and I hit the pavement for an easy 15 min jog, which i hope to follow up with this evening on a gentle bike ride and maybe another jog and some yoga.

AND, thanks to Lisa from Knitting Yarns for passing on this blogging award.

To accept this award, I must list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.

1. I'm an organized Type A person, who kind of likes to hoard things, and also dreams of being impulsive and free of lists and obligations. I guess that's the Type B personality in me trying to bust out.

2. I shop pretty regularly and yet seem to never find anything I want to wear when it's time to get dressed.

3. I'm kind of OCD obsessed with trying to make my food healthier (especially when baking), which might make the bf a little crazy. Think less sugar here, less butter there, whole wheat buns/tortillas, applesauce subsitution for oil, less cheese on my pizza, you get the drill.

4. My dream is to freelance (or maybe work in the offices one day) for Runner's World or Glamour. I'm a writer and both magazines focus on topics I feel passionate about.

5. My other dream would be to be a yoga/fitness instructor, set my own hours, go hiking, biking and running during the day, do crafty projects, find time to volunteer, and still be able to pay the bills. A girl can dream.

6. I have an eye for design, but have no idea what or how to pair items together. Hence the reason my bedroom decorations consist of a running poster, a collage photograph frame, and a ribbon/photo board full of cards, pictures, concert tix, etc.

7. I love traveling. In fact, as soon as I return from a trip, I'm thinking of where I'll go next. Let's face it, when you live in a smaller city, travelling keeps one's urge for big cities satisfied. I'd like to live in a big city someday, but if I don't, you can bet I'll be flying around the country pretty frequently, whether it be for a 1/2 or full marathon, a girls' weekend in Vegas, or to visit friends or the manfriend's family.

I'm passing this on to...
1. Trials of Training
2. Transplanted Baker
3. Joy the Baker
4. Girl with the Red Hair

AND YOU if you so wish to tell your lovely readers seven fabulous things about yourself. Go ahead, it's fun!


THANK YOU! I can't wait to do this after reading yours and Lisa's responses!!

OMG, hello blog twin--I would also LOVE to work for a major magazine BUT if I wasn't so passionate about writing my second "dream job" would definitely be working as a fitness instructor. In fact, when I had a little panic attack waiting for my acceptance to J-school (thinking I wasn't going in) I had my back-up plan of becoming a personal trainer all in place!!!

Too funny! Glad to hear you pushed through your run! I'm joining a local running grouup for SPEED workouts tomorrow morning at the university track and I'm nervous!
that was supposed to say *thinking I wasn't going to GET in

Sassy Molassy said…
amber-the speed group will be fine. i am often one of the slower (if not slowest) of our speed group and i just go in it with the attitude of "hey, it doesn't matter. i'll never be able to run that fast, but i'm going to push myself damn hard today so i can at least improve my pace a little at a time."
It was fun reading yours!! Fun to read about the quirky little habits/traits that we all have!
Shoshanah said…
That salad you described sounds really good. Although I love any salad that has fruit in it
That salad sounds amazing and like something I need to try out soon.
Morgan said…
Congrats on the award and good job for rocking it through that run.
Heather C said…
Thanks Sass!! :) I love all the traits you posted - and kept going "oh yes, me tooo!" haha. Except I finally did (unexpectedly) move to a "big city" and I looove it. Love it.

that salad sounds soo good! and I'm glad you did your Own 4 miles :)

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