Grill Packets and Shortcake, oh my!

Monday night, the manfriend and I came home to do some easy grilling for din. I got the idea from Iowa Girl Eats (who you should really check out if you haven't already). So, what did I throw in the packets? Any veggie/protein mix will do, but I used: diced chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, garlic, broccoli, red and green bell pepper, red onion, pineapple, olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning.

I wish I had taken a photo afterward, but we were soooo ready to eat these babies! We cooked them on the grill for 10 min on each side. Packets are nice bc if you don't like a veggie that your grill buddy does, you can each have your own! Next time, we're trying red potatoes, more pineapple and maybe a teriyaki maranade. This is SO easy and perfect for a simple, healthy summer meal.

And as you probably know, few guys would be satisfied with a chicken/veggie dinner so I capped the night with an easy but yummy strawberry shortcake! I remember as a child my dad would go to the store to pick up those spongey looking "shortcake" things, cool whip and a box of strawberries. Well, when the man said he wanted strawberry shortcake, you better believe that's what he's getting...but sassy style and a little more gourmet than dad's sponge cakes.

Strawberry Shortcake:

-a few pints of strawberries from your local farm (we rode our bikes to one on Sunday)
-whipping cream (a hand mixer and patience)
-bisquick, milk, sugar (cook biscuits 10-12 min)

Doesn't this look absolutely fabulous?

The shortcakes were so easy to make w/ the recipe on the back of the Bisquick box. And they were perfectly biscuity with a little sweetness. I even had to substitute the milk with plain nf yogurt and a dab of condensed milk because we had JUST ran out of milk and they still turned out. Okay, your turn!

This was such a simple and quick dessert to make and we even had enough for two nights, which was a special treat. And, I felt less guilty about this dessert than I would with a bowl of ice cream or a gooey brownie.


Mmmmm..... Looks so good! My family has been making grill packets for years and for some reason, my parents call them 'Hobo meals'. No idea why, but they are the best!!

You are such a good girlfriend, making delicious dessert like that!
Heather C said…
Yesss! I'm so glad you posted this :)

that packet looks so good - but the potato/pineapple/teriyaki...? MMMM that sounds delicious!! My mom Loves to grill - we'll have to try this out while I'm home ('cause uh, I definitely don't have a grill at my apt, haha).
iowagirleats said…
Yay - glad the foil packs worked out well!! OMG those strawberry shortcake Mom used to make them ALL the time - they are incredible!! So incredible, in fact, that I'm picking up stuff to make them from the store tonight - thanks for the idea!!

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