Flikr account access denied

Is anyone else annoyed that they can't for the life of them seem to remember their flikr account email address or password? GAH!

In order to use it, I had to create some yahoo email address that I never can seem to remember, along with a password that I clearly don't use often. I even tried calling the yahoo support people and they wouldn't help me bc apparently I hadn't entered my correct bday when signing up for the account. Double damn. Ok, that's it for today's rant.

And btw, I had a green monster smoothie this morning for breakfast and it's held me all morning until now, 1220PM. My stomach is finally growling. I'm usually hungry by 10AM, so it's pretty impressive that this smoothie packs such a punch. Spinach, oats, pb, banana, ice and milk and a fabulous green color really does the trick.

Iowa Girl Eats was my inspiration for this fill your belly breakfast.

Countdown to Chicago/Michigan: 2 DAYS!


sneakersister said…
I've always had that problem. Now I keep a spreadsheet of all the sites where I create usernames/passwords. It helps.
I have a green monster every morning! Love it!

I've just recently started adding oats and it's even better AND keeps me full longer! Yum

I use the same password for EVERYTHING... Probably not the best idea but it's the easiest way to remember! Haha
Aw I bet you're so excited for the trip!!! I love countdowns like that :) how long will you be gone?? And you're doing another 10K right?? FUN FUN!! I still can't grasp that Spinach tastes good with the rest of that mix, but I've heard no complaints about that smoothie (from many taste-testers!). I need to do this.....
Sassy Molassy said…
Yes, about that 10k...it's looming. I still have a cold. Hoping to wake up ALL better tomorrow so i can take a short run before we leave early thursday. Otherwise, it will pretty much be a repeat of July 4. Oh well...

Either way, I'm still excited for the race.
Oscar Yeager said…
Many people would consider this bad advice in case someone steals or otherwise gains access to your computer, but one thing you can do is when you bookmark the site, put your user name and password in the label description when you save it to your favorites file.
Shoshanah said…
I actually signed up for flickr pre-yahoo, so my username was originally just my first name. Of course when yahoo bought them I did have to start using a yahoo id. Luckily I had a yahoo e-mail address back from high school, and I'm pretty sure I haven't changed the password since then.

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