Packing: a sneak peek

You know it's my faaavorite part of a trip. Not! So, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at how it's coming. Things are pretty organized and ready to go.

I've definitely bought my fair share of travel size items from the bins at Target (face wash, detergent, kleenex, etc), stocked up on Clif/Luna bars when we need a snack or cheap meal, and called my banks to tell them I'll be out of the country and please DO NOT shut off my accounts when you see charges from Europe. Tonight I need to do a trial run and see how things fit and just how HEAVY this darn thing I'll be carrying for 21 days will be.

1. Shoes
Shoes are big for me. I'm a shoe girl (ok, and a athletic apparel girl, and a jean girl, but who's counting?!)Bottom line is, I've been thinking about what shoes I'd wear in Europe longer than anything else I have packed. Why? Because my feet suck. And one thing I know is that when I'm walking for hours on end, I need support and comfort and maybe a little bit of style. Here you'll see: no heels, flats or leather, but you will see comfort, a little bit of color and athleticism.

2.Travel books, maps, scarf and journal
Let's just say, several friends lent me books/city guides/shopping and my mom bought a few for me. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't able to get through 10+ books, several of which are 400 pages long. These are some of the smaller one's I'll read during our very LONG plane ride. And of course, I can't be gone without a journal to record this crazy adventure and a scarf to make me look just a little with it, fashion wise when we're out touring le Louvre or having a pint with new friends.

Now I'm just trying to determine what shirts I can do without, even though I want them ALL! Typical...

Yesterday afternoon, while running an errand for work, I was all of a sudden STARVING and walked into a little market and grabbed this. Not sure why, but both things that I love and bring me comfort. Golden grahams (packed into some sort of chocolatey/marshmellow goodness) and Kombucha tea. It's cold and comes in many flavors, tastes good and is good for you and has limited sugars! The weird part is it gets a bit fermented and has naturally occuring alcohol. The percentage isn't listed, but every time I have it during a work day I think "wow, this should be in the beer aisle rather than next to the Lipton iced tea."

Edit: Kombucha does list in the ingredients section that "Due to the fermentation, this product may contain a trace amount of alcohol ( less than 0.5%)." Just weird that it feels like a whole lot more.

Has anyone else tried Kombucha Synergy?? My favorite flavor is Mystic Mango!


Anonymous said…
hahaha that drink sounds AWESOME!
Every time I pack I swear I have to include half of the shirts I own - even if its for a WEEKEND. I'm not kidding at all, I have such a hard time Not having options with shirts. Gahhh. If I ever have to pack for an excursion of this level I'm totallyyyy screwed. Looks like you're doing good so far :)
Amber said…
Omg, comfy shoes are a MUST!! When I was in Berlin last summer I wore flip flops to walk around the city in, BIG mistake as we were walking for almost 8 hours!!! Mind you, I wasn't carrying a 20 pound backpack either, but still, my feet were not happy with me the next day.

Have so much fun. I know I've said this like 20 times, but I just saw all your details on FB and now I'm even more jealous. I want to travel SO bad!!
Shoshanah said…
I always wind up ridiculously over packing when I go ANYWHERE
madradesign said…
Have fun!! We miss you already girl.

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