Guest blogging today...

Happy Monday everyone! Check me out over here at Amber Alert's blog as she's recovering from her first half marathon. Amber's blog is always fun to read and inspirational with reports of her training and preparation for the real world. I'm getting ready for my own little half marathon of a week here.

Yesterday, I spent several hours putting hand sanitizer, tums, travel kleenex, bandaids, advil, ear plugs, etc in zip locks and organizing everything. I have all my clothes laid out and I'm feeling pretty organized, but work is CRRRRAAAZY busy just trying to wrap all these important projects up before I leave. And on top of that try to spend time with the runners and the boy/man friend and finish all last minute details.

I guess it's too late to start reading those eight to ten travel books everyone has loaned me. At this point, I'm just ready to be on the big bird in the sky, leaving all my worries behind.

Countdown to Europe: 4 days!


Joanna Goddard said…
you must be so excited for your trip!!!!! you're going to SUCH amazing places!!!!!!!
J said…
Have fun in Europe! So exciting!
haha just save the books for the plane ride!! it'll be nice and looong :) yay 4 days!!!

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