Beautiful Cinque Terre

This is going to be short because my internet time is almost up here at our dumpy hostel in Paris, but I wanted to check in!

Cinque Terre was a place I had been dreaming about now for a few years. It grew slowly into a love the more people I chatted with who had visited this five quaint little Italian coastal towns of no more than a few hundred people each. We stayed in Vernazza, the fourth town from the south, said to be the cutest and most expensive.

i can't wait to upload my photos for you and show you not only the houses and gorgeous views from our 4 hour hike along the meditteranean that connects all the cities, but the cappucinos we were served each morning! The owner would bring them with our fancy feast of breakfast with FRESH FLOWERS FROM HIS GARDEN on top. Just a little slice of heaven.

Paris is treating us well! Last night we went on a bike tour around the city and had some wine too!


Heather C said…
I can't wait to SEE photos! Glad you checked in and are having a great time!! :) xoxo
Amber said…
It just sounds SO fabulous! I can't wait to see all your photo's and hear more about your trip!
Sounds like you went on the Fat Tire bike tour? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Can't wait to see your pics!
Oh I hope you guys are having a fabulous time!!

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