When to say when on driving

This morning I came close to plowing through the side of a 75 year old man's dingy white Buick LeSabre. He pulled out of the Safeway parking lot at a snail's pace and crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic (I assume on his way to the middle lane) with no care in the world that a car or two were coming down those two lanes at 40mph.

The roads were slick and I was not really expecting to have to let up for this guy. Luckily, I came out of my mindless wander and screeched to a stop before creating a real shit of a day for a few of us. At some point, it just seems that it's time to put away the keys grandpa and say "I think I'll take the bus today." I guess that could go for either of us, but really, he had no business taking his sweet time across that busy road at 8am.

In other excitingness, I'm taking the train this weekend up to Seattle for some Pac-10 football with a bunch of high school friends. I can't wait for another one of our adventurous, laughter-filled reunions. Somehow, taking the train feels like we're going off to some foreign land. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to just sit and stare out the window at the beautiful fall leaves and have a few drinks (I didn't pack those mini bottles of rum for nothing!) with the girls.


Kayla said…
I've only been on one train ride in my life, but I keep thinking some day I'm going to catch the train from here to Chicago for a day or two. The problem is that it's not really all that much affordable than the gas would be -- something like $50 round trip. But you're right, the ability to relax and even have a spiked drink while traveling might make it worth it. :) Have an awesome time!
Kerry said…
Your post reminded me of something my grandpa said last summer. He's 85 and went to get his license renewed (which is scary in itself). They renewed his licesnse for the standard number of years, which I think is 8. Grandpa pointed out that he didn't think they should be issuing licenses past the age of 90 without some sort of test.

I'm glad you were able to stop. Some folks really should hop on the bus!
magda said…
I get EXACTLY the same feeling on the train. And I so love that you can bring liquids, as many as you want. without putting them in one of those ridiculous plastic ziplocks. It's possible I brought the makings for a mean martini on my last amtrak adventure :)

Have a great time in Seattle! I'm jealous.
Anonymous said…
Mini bottles of rum can only mean good things. :) haha Love it. have a good weekend!!

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