Everything's turning up fall...

Yep, it's here and in full force. Every year I forget how fabulous this time is here (and in NYC). Two years ago this Nov. I was in NYC visiting a friend who was interning for Kate Spade at the time and Central Park was a-mazing. While she was at work, I was free to roam the city and Central Park staring at tall buildings and gorgeous leaves. There's just something about that place...

Yesterday I planned to skip my Sunday group run to head for the hills and run this trail that goes through hills and parks and neighborhoods. It took me to parts of town I never visit and allowed me to see some gorgeous fall leaves. And it took my legs up some hills which have left a feeling somewhat to what I imagine a meat tenderizer doing. I've become obsessed with the leaves. All the trees here are just f-ing gorgeous. I mean, looking out my office window I see over 15 different shades of leaves on the trees lining the street.

After the run, I headed to a local farm and pumpkin patch to pick up a few pumpkins and some yummy produce. For $8.12 I returned home with 2 small pumpkins, 5 yummy King apples, 2 choc chip cookies (from a local bakery), 1 green pepper, 1 pablano pepper and some green beans. That would never happen at the grocery store. I've recently quit buying apples at the grocery store because the organics are about $4 a pound nowadays.

It feels a bit funny going to the farm without a gaggle of kids or a family to be entertaining and carving pumpkins for, but when you're a holiday kind of person, it's just what you do. I didn't go on the carriage ride out to pick a pumpkin from the patch, so I wouldn't feel totally out of place, but I did grab a few from the bin in the marketplace area along with my produce. But I had to take a look at the horses and the gorgeous farm.

As I said, I'm obsessed with the leaves. I've been taking photos everywhere of the trees and leaves. While I'm driving, on my way to the grocery store, at the farm...you get the picture, literally.

Oh and fall is the perfect time to bake pumpkiny things. I for one am a fan. I've now baked these twice in the past week because I had a can of pumpkin and they tasted so good the first time, I had to use the rest of the can on another batch. Luckily, I have coworkers and runners to bring them to or I would be up to my eyeballs in sugar. Anywho, I encourage you all to go out and enjoy fall right now because it won't last long. Happy fall y'all!


J said…
Great pictures - I am going to have to try those pumpkin muffins, maybe with some pumpkin spice coffee too lol!

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