This is why I love college football, specifically the Pac-10

After our speed workout last night, I walked into the pub for dinner with the runners and the second half of the OSU vs. USC game. I just stared at the screen reading 21-0 thinking "I must not be reading this correctly."

And this is why I love college football. You just never know what's going to happen.

And that my friends, is why the game truly belongs to the team who shows up that day, not necessarily the team that is ranked #1. Last night, the Beavers and their 5'7" freshman running back had the right ingredients to knock those Trojans down from their all mighty pedestal.

And, a good article on why some men may be delaying adulthood. Read on.


Anonymous said…
Yeaaaa! Knocked the Trojans wayyy out of the top spot. and helping move Penn State on up! :) good stuff

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