Cowboys and cowboy boots...may just be too much to handle in one post.

The truth is, I succumb to fashion sometimes (like my Anthropologie dress purchase this summer) and others I don't. I simply dwell. And dwell. And dwell.

These Frye boots for example, I've been pining over for at least a year now and yet I will not drop the cash for them. Why? They're cute, cowboy friendly and did I mention so cute?

The problems however, are that a) they are much too narrow (as I believe I've tried this boot on four times now and know pretty well) and b) they are just too casual to wear to work. If you work in an office type setting, it's hard to justify dropping a lot of money on something you know you'll love, but can never wear to work and when you do wear them, it will only be a few times a year. Gah!

Either way, I still drool over these damn things every time I see them. Oh and Frye, if you can't make them in a wide version for me (I need a 7.5W), I'd like a size 8 in tan, please and thank you very much.

And the Pendleton Round-Up by the way, it was fabulous. A lot of cowboys with wrangler butts, boots and cowboy hats. This girl may have been swung around the dance floor by a few cowboys who may or may not have called her "rookie" when her flip flop went flying because apparently she wasn't wearing her "dancing boots."

Nope, no dancing boots because I refuse to succumb as of yet. That is, until I meet the pair of cowboy boots I simply can't take my eyes off of. As for the cowboys, no one set my heart on fire, but my friend J and I and her husband and his brother and best friend did enjoy our time at the rodeo and a few glasses of Pendleton Whiskey and lemonade. Yum.


Anonymous said…
Those cowboys certainly know how to dance, but you gotta keep up! ;) sounds like funnnn!
Rachel said…
I LOVE those boots! I'm actually looking to get new boots, but I can't justify spending the money either! I'll be thinking about it for a long time...
brookem said…
oh i like those boots a lot. but yeah, i dont think i could justify that much money either. there's a pair im loving for $100 and i think i might just splurge on them.

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