A revolution of sorts

I had a revolutionary thought while listening to Bob Costas interview Michael Phelps and his mother tonight. Beyond absolutely flooring me with his ability to work toward and capture his dreams, his humble, caring nature is more than I expect from most twenty something men (If you know someone like him, this single girl is interested). I sit truly in awe listening to his every interview.

Phelps told Costas that he uses any bit of trash talking, comment about how he can't achieve something and even his childhood bullying to fuel his fire, which pushes him to race just that much harder. As an athlete of his caliber, I realize there's got to be something pushing you that extra fingertip's length, no matter what it is. However basic the idea is, I had an "aha moment" as Oprah would say.

As women, we tend to reach toward greatness hoping someone, anyone will notice, but never demanding it. But sitting there I thought, "Hello, duh...use the trash to fuel your fire." That's all. I'm not going to take criticism and nay sayers' comments to heart and internally struggle to overcome the blows any longer. Ultimately, I don't want other people deciding who I am and how successful I become. From now on, I decide.

PS-Who is getting a decent night's sleep? And how are we supposed to go to work when this little thing called the Olympics is going on?


EP said…
I totally agree. Listening to that interview last night, it made me miss playing sports. Taking what others have to say (good or bad) and using it to your advantage is hard to do sometimes. And his interview was totally refreshing.
So@24 said…
Actually, that Phelps mentality is something I have always used too. Anytime I think of people who have talked shit or said "I couldn't do it", it just makes me want to do it more.

More people should think that way.

Oh and... methinks I have a Cougar as a reader? ;)
Sassy Molassy said…
Um, no. Guess again.
Anonymous said…
I love Michael Phelps too. Every night I was just waiting (and waiting...and waiting...sigh) for him to swim. What an inspiration! I am glad you are trying to bottle and drink his essence...okay that sounds weird...I hope you know what I mean. The Olympics have inspired me also.
magda said…
What a great post! We should be the ones who decide for ourselves; we should fight to take back that control. Well said, and so true.

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