It's getting to that point again. Every few months or so it happens. I feel the need to escape, immediately. Escape from the safety net that is my current life, job, city, routine, etc. And then the feeling slowly subsides and I forget that being comfortable is not necessarily what I'm looking for right now.

The fact is, deep down I want to be challenged both mentally and emotionally from a job (or going back to school for another degree), moving to a new city/state and finally being forced to meet new people. But then weekends like this past one make me think "why would I ever want to leave this place and these great people?" From Sex and the City and drinks out with the girls, to an awesome Pre PRE party to the Prefontaine Classic track meet, I couldn't have asked for more.

The longer I stay, the harder it gets to imagine leaving and for someone who is terrible at goodbyes...I'd rather just avoid that whole dilemma. And really, should I be complaining when the economy is going to hell and I have health insurance and a paycheck? Oh wait, reality check Sass, you still haven't moved into your own apartment like you said you would two years ago because that paycheck goes only so far when you shop and travel like a fiend. GAH! What's a girl to do?


I kind of get that way every so often where it just seems like there's gotta be something better out there for me. I've started looking for a new job mainly for that reason. Just something different.

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