Someone turned off the heat and it's not funny anymore. Hello, June...where are you?

While everyone on the east coast is dying of heat exhaustion, we out here on the west coast are freezing our arses off! I temporarily rehired Mother Nature for Sunday so we could have a fabulous day in the 70s of elite track and field competition and then fired her again on Monday when everything turned to shiz.

I'm still pissed I'm wearing pants and sweaters to work and that my bod is not cooperating with me. Come on you, just work already! My knee feels like somewhat of a rusty hinge in need of a good dose of WD-40, but I'm afraid that won't do the trick. I'm walking with a limp and it only temporarily goes away if I get on the bike and ride for 20 min or so to get it movin' and then poof back to being crippled I go.

So, I'm taking this as a sign that it's not just going to heal on it's own by taking a break from running. I'm actually going to have to do something with that referral I got last week and see a knee doc. Barf. I've seen so many phys therapists, massage therapists and docs for my knee/back/etc probs from college on, that I just get tired of walking them through the long winded story of me doing too much to the bod and then ending up in this similar state. I know I should prob take time off to recover, but seriously I don't comprehend that vocabulary. It's not in my dictionary. Sorry, pick another word thanks.

I went to the gym twice today to do some cycling and lifting. It's all I can do not to hop on the treadmill (even if I do walk with a limp). Plus, if I'm not working out, I'm terribly bored. To celebrate my non running, crippled status, I called my favorite thai place from work and ordered a tofu phad thai-medium spiciness please! and came home and watched Superbad. I really needed that.


Can we trade please? I'd give anything to have a day under 90 right now.

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