the date jeans

About a year ago I walked into Nordstrom in search of my new favorite pair of jeans (b/c I'm obsessed). This tall, leggy brunette came over to help me and showed me their newest arrival, "the perfect pair of date jeans."

As I stared at the cute little design on the pockets, all I could think was "Girlfriend, you have no idea how few dates these jeans will see if I buy them." But to appease her, I grabbed my size along with some other styles and headed into the dressing room.

Being considerate as she was, she even thought to bring me a bright pink baby doll top to try on with the jeans. Um, yeah...that might look good on 5'8" and above, but on 5'3" it just makes one look short and pregnant. Thanks, but no thanks.

I tried them on and frankly thought they made my legs look like short little sausages (attractive, no?), but for some reason felt obligated to buy them. Yep, no joke. I mean seriously, this gorgeous, super model sales girl was working that sale and even told me they looked great on. What could I say? No? That would be like saying I was giving up on dating and I wasn't about to let that happen. Well, lucky for me, my legs didn't actually look like sausages in my new Citizens. It was just my demented thinking playing mirror tricks on my mind.

As I pulled them out of my closet tonight, I realized they're finally the date jeans. And thank goodness for that. They might not turn me into a tall, leggy brunette, but that's okay by me.


Rachel said…
How did it go?! Let us know!
Jamie said…
Oooh date jeans!! Did they work?!
magda said…
I've totally done that before ... bought something because I felt like I should, like I'd be letting the salesgirls down if I didn't. Glad they worked out, and are getting an audience! Yaay date jeans :)

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