Listen up kiddies

I learned one thing today: If I ever decide to actually purchase a road bike and become a cyclist in addition to a runner, I will be damn good at hills. And I'm pretty sure the guy next to me on the spinners thought so too. "Excuse me bud, could you stop staring at my quads and calves? I realize they're pretty impressive and all, but each mile I've run has earned me this sh*t. Thank you."

Coming from me, you probably thought this was going to be much more earth shattering knowledge (insert sarcasm here), however I'm sorry to say it's as simple as that. This girl's got no fear when it comes to hovering that bike seat or cranking up the resistance. Bring it on.

And boys, next time you're at the gym trying to nonchalantly take a gander, please know WE CAN SEE YOU! And for the sake of all others, make sure to wear ample deodorant when you workout.
Love, The Sassmaster


Single said…
Sorry, but I have to say it...relax! Okay crazy lady, you are definitely scaring the boys, because you scared me too. You can't really blame them for looking. Okay, enough from me. Have a good Friday:-)
I want a road bike SO bad! I think that it would be so much fun. So funny how guys at the gym look at you hoping that you can't tell that they are doing so...It's great!
i would love a road bike but unfortunately there's no room in my apartment to store it and the thugs down the street would likely steal it if i left it outside. :( I would love to do a triathalon bike = no dice :(
Sassy Molassy said…
single...we all need a dose of crazy now and then, so why not let it be me. And if I'm scaring them, they aren't the right guys for me. And yes, sometimes my friends tell me to relax. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered that task yet. TGIF!

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