No good, very bad, terrible knees

My left knee is feeling a little funny right now, in fact it has for the past week. I'm thinking it's not a good sign seeing as how all I do is run and I am flying to Utah in a few weeks to run the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon with a bunch of my best friends from high school.

But, this seems to be the norm with my old granny knees. Just as I'm getting prepared for a race and ramping up my training, my body starts telling me to "BACK AWAY from the miles sista." And as usual, I will politely ignore it, try to stretch a minute extra here and there, and rub some arnica (homeopathic pain relief for trauma/bruising/etc) on it hoping the pain will magically disappear. Here's to hoping!


heatherdc said…
I really want to do a half-marathon sometime soon. I bet one in Utah would be beeeautiful, hopefully it warms up!! Be nice to those knees :) !
Just Jamie said…
Take care of your knees! Mine were hurting before the race, so I actually stopped running the week before the race. They hurt during, but seem fine now.

Running in Utah must be so beautiful!
K.Victoria said…
You are my hero.

I've always wanted to do a marathon. But, with me I don't even know where to begin. Take care of those knees:)

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