I LOVE Spring

(and Summer too!) Not only for warmer weather and the smell of fresh cut grass, but for the adorable clothes. Oh, the clothes.

Winter is challenging for me in the clothing department. I can never find cute, but warm enough sweaters for work and am left attempting to layer lightweight sweaters (or just keep my wool peacoat on all day because my office doesn't warm up until at least 1 P.M. And pants, at 5'3" I always have to contemplate if the pants are really worth buying because they will promptly need hemming.

And, to top it off, I have foot issues. Yeah, lame. My feet are wider than average, so I'm forced to shove them into shoes that simply aren't made for my feet. It makes loving cute shoes tough because I can rarely find a pair of shoes (besides UGGS) that actually feel comfortable, fit and don't look like this. And even running shoes are just NOW coming out in wides. Thank GOODNESS! My shoe of choice is the Nike Air Structure Triax.

But Spring, it's fabulous. I have so many more options, including skirts, dresses, cute sandals, short sleeved tops and fun colors. Halleluiah! Ok, I'll admit it: I'm a J.Crew addict, although I rarely give in. J.Crew does a few things really well: dresses and swim suits and today I just couldn't hold back any longer. In a week or so this and another suit will be arriving in my mailbox. Can't wait.


magda said…
YAY spring! I'm so with you. I can't wait for this winter blahness, in fashion and otherwise, to be over with.
Larissa said…
Swimsuits!!! I love love love when they appear in stores.
Just Jamie said…
I was so excited to get my J Crew catalog! I never order anything, just look at the pretty clothes.

I love spring. Everything is happier in the spring. The clothes are cuter, the shoes are cuter, I feel cuter. It's all great.
Have you checked out Anthropologie's spring stuff? Cute Cute!!
Maxie said…
I can't wait for spring either! I'm so sick of winter..gag.

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