I get tired...

tired of writing about running and stress and the occasional funny incident. The thing is, what do you do when that's all that consumes you? Do you write about the fact that you've been dateless for over a year now and you can't believe this city doesn't have more to offer a girl in her twenty-somethings, other than a few measly law school students (who pretty much ignore you if you're not one of them)? Or, do you write about how your riveting (insert sarcasm) Friday ended in an awkward night of mingling with thirty, forty and fifty-somethings for work who just don't give a damn who you are?

Welcome to the working world in your 20s. Stage I: be invisible. And if you're not invisible, you secretly wish you could be because when prompted to speak, it all comes out like word vomit that you can't, with any effort, make sound eloquent.

Or, do you write about the thirty-something L.A. guy at said work function who intrigued you so much you almost went out with the group for a round of drinks with an awful sore throat just because you want to know his story? I mean seriously, what is with the grunge look and the unwashed hair? Don't you make some ungodly amount of money for your age?!

Well friends, if you're me, you promptly get in your Toyota Corolla (circa 1995) and drive your tired, pathetic, boring excuse for a self home and put on your sweats. You grab a cup of American Idol Karaoke Mint Cookie (1/2 the fat!) ice cream and boot up the mac and think "Someday I'll be that girl who is working the room like a dream and then just floats right on out of there with a handful of business cards and better plans and a man to meet up with later."

So, I wanna know: When you're forced to mingle at a function, do you? I'm a realist, no bullshit kinda girl and I struggle with making fake conversation because I don't want to bore someone else just as much as I don't want to be bored by another. I'd rather stand with the cheese platter than talk about some guy's job that he's sick of telling everyone about anyway. I mean really now, I'm doing him a favor.

I'm willing to admit my attitude might be a little askew on this subject. So, how do you approach networking and mingling events? Is it really worth it for a twenty-something if she doesn't know what she wants to do or where she want to be? GAH! Help a sister out.


magda said…
Askew or not, I'm with you here ... I HATE mingle functions. My work has an unfortunate way of putting me at big conferences of business people and lawyers, and the "social" portions are always the worst. I'd rather sit in the corner and quietly sip my drink, thanks anyway.

Some people really thrive at these things, but I (with perhaps a bit of bias) don't think there's anything wrong with that just not being your scene. I do make an effort to be perky and I do try to conjure some kind real interest, but I always reward myself with something like a long bubble bath afterwards :)
Kayla said…
Yeah, I suck at mingling. I'm always that awkward person standing on the fringe of a lively conversation. Fortunately, my work doesn't have a lot of social functions, but I kick myself for hating "networking" because all I hear is that it is an essential skill for building one's career.

Hang in there. From what I hear, you, me, and T all had shitty weeks so I hope the ice cream was the start of turning that around.
Just Jamie said…
I avoid avoid avoid. I hate work functions. No one likes each other anyway. Why don't we all admit that these things don't work, no one wants to talk to anyone else there & we can go home & put on our sweats.

I'm going to have to get into these things soon though. I'll need the networking. I think I'll just drink more:)

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