Dating type?

I have recently come to the conclusion that runners or dedicated athletes should only date other runners/athletes (or simply those who are willing to schedule their plans around your life). When asked if I'm free most nights of the week by one of my eharmony matches, I was left speechless. Um, let me check my calendar...

Monday, nope. Tuesday, nope. Wednesday, nope. Thursday, nope. Um, we could hang out Friday night (if I workout in the a.m.), Sat night or Sunday afternoon? And yes, that's every week. If it somehow interferes with my running or coaching schedule, it's not gonna work buddy.

If one of these matches ever turns into a date or two, either I'll have to figure out how to become flexible and miss my cherished group runs, or he'll have to become a runner, or he'll have to settle for having dinner at 8 P.M. and going to bed by 10 P.M. Sorry, I have to be up early.


Candice said…
I think he might just have to become a runner ;o)

See ya Sunday, hope your knees feel better L.
heatherdc said…
Dates should be on weekends anyway, gives you something to look forward to ;)
Yeah, I think he'll need to be a runner too. I make people work around my schedule now - last night, I couldn't go to dinner until 8:00, so dinner was at 8:00. When someone asked what I was doing after 9:30, I said, "Sleeping." It definitely throws people off when you have goals and ambitions outside of the 8:00 to 5:00 workweek.

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