We made it.

Congratulations, it's officially Friday and the start of a three day weekend! Fridays make Monday-Thursday all seem worth it. I love the luxury of weekends in that I get to choose how I want to spend each hour and who I want to spend it with (if anyone). This weekend sounds perfect. I have a few runs planned, drinks with friends on Saturday night, skiing on Monday with dad and the bros and otherwise relaxing and probably reading a good book. Ah, it makes me smile already. Any big plans for the weekend?

In other news, C and I finished the 1/2 Marathon last Sunday exhausted but accomplished. It wasn't the best time for either of us, but considering we didn't really train a whole lot for it, a 1:48 (1hr 48 min ~ 8:14 min/mile) wasn't half bad. Plus, it was FREEZING. I think the pictures tell that tale. Gotta love mom and dad for coming out to cheer us on.


DIANAB. said…
congratulations on completing the marathon! can you give me some tips for running without getting super winded?!

thanks... love the blog!

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