Living with boys...

is not all it's cracked up to be. And frankly, I'm not sure anyone ever said it was anything fabulous, but I like the phrase.

Let me first say that I have lived with guys before. First, I grew up with two younger brothers and a dad who seemed inept at putting their dishes in the dishwasher or ever doing anything for themselves thanks to us women who baby them along their way in life. Then, there was the summer after junior year in college where I lived in the shi*ty house near campus with a girlfriend and four of our guy friends where I was regularly cleaning up half empty beer cans and crusty dishes. And finally, when I moved back to "the Eug" for a full-time job I decided to live with an old roommate's boyfriend (and friend of mine) and two other guys for ease and cheap rent. But lately, I've been asking myself, "is the savings of $400 per month really worth it?"

Here are a few things I've noted over the past few days that make me question the savings:

1. beard and facial hair trimmings sprinkling the sink ledge and edging dangerously close to the toothbrush holder where my toothbrush sits

2. stomping up and down the stairs as I try to sleep, thanks to having a full-time job and needing my eight hours of shut eye

3. a clean dishwasher that goes unemptied until I can't stand eating my cereal out of Tupperware any longer

4. a living room half full of old computer parts, broken Nintendos and shipping materials for an eBay business that profits two of the roommates

5. a dryer that takes two hours to dry a load of laundry in and lately has been leaving black marks on some of mine. There goes all that hard-earned money to replace more ugly work clothes.

6. coming home to the sounds of shooting and yelling while a roommate cusses at his favorite video game...probably some mortal combat or military-esque game I would despise of

7. food that sits in the fridge for ungodly periods of time until I set it on the counter for the owner to toss

That's about all that's been irking me lately. Don't get me wrong, they're nice guys and for living in a good neighborhood with cheap rent, which allows me to afford to travel to races and visit friends around the country, I often find my living situation favorable to the alternative. But lately, as I look toward becoming an adult, I'd really love to have a place that is MINE, that I can invite friends (and even guys-gasp) over to and not be apologizing for the mess, lack of wall decorations, and uncleanliness in the bathroom and just hang out. But for now, I'm 25, have a real job and I still live like a college student, and I'm okay with that.


Those aren't just guy things. My sister/roommate does some of the same things. I completely share your annoyance.

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