Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Glory of the Red Bullseye

Last night after going to the gym, making dinner and showering I decided to make a quick run to Target to purchase a yoga mat for the class I'm taking through the University. Naturally, I have one already but it's at the 'rents house and I won't be visiting them for at least a few weeks so I had to get a new one.

As most of you probably know, a quick run to Target always turns into a shopping extravaganza. First stop: accessories, next: clothing, next: yoga mat!, and finally: food. Expecting to only purchase a yoga mat, I didn't grab a basket so I had a huge pile in my arms when I walked up to the register @ 9:40 p.m.

2 pairs of work pants + 1 dress + 1 pink yoga mat + 2 boxes of cereal = $97.20.

Now, if only I had accepted the offer to open a Target card, I could have saved a whopping $9.72.

Friday, September 14, 2007

All Hail the Neighborhood Association

Thursday nights, for whatever reason, most of my usual running group chooses to subject ourselves to doing hill and speed workouts led by a few eilte athletes living and training in Eugene, OR for the 2008 Olympic Trials.

Last night our workout was held at Hendricks Park, which if you don't know it, is quite the beast of an incline. About halfway through our workout as we were running through the Rhododenron Garden, a few guys from the Neighborhood Association, or rather Anal Association, charged up to us and started yelling that organized sports are not allowed in that part of the park. Of course to which we responded "we didn't know that." Shaking, he yells, "it's posted on the sign!" We of course just move a little further down the hill and complete our workout trying not to die.

I simply can't understand why some people waste their energy and time in life on complaining about such meaningless details. I have to assume these people have nothing better to do with their evenings than hassle fifteen friendly runners who are simply out to make their butt muscles just a little more defined.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You could pretty much say I'm a sugar fiend. I enjoy anything made with loads (or a few tablespoons anyway) of the real stuff, no splenda for me . My favorite form is in baked goods, which is pretty tough when you work half a block from the Eugene City Bakery.

Unfortunately, some people make these tasty treats that look so divine you almost don't want to eat them, almost. As for me, I can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or make a Betty Crocker cake, but who are these gods and goddesses making pastries look like heaven?! For now, I'll just leave the baking to the experts.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Don't make me get personal...or you'll be bored.

Ok, so I have to admit this is a bit corny, but I had an "epiphanal moment" this evening while watching The Nanny Diaries.

This guy playing Scarlett Johansson's love interest was just my type and so stinkin' cute I could hardly stand not smiling at him. Anyway, it occurred to me that while he is the kind of guy I normally go for, or would like to go for, I'm afraid I'll never succeed at getting a guy like him. And it's not because he wouldn't be interested (although he might not be). But I think it may never happen because I don't believe enough in who I am to be confident toward the guys I like and want.

It makes me wonder if this is just typical for my age or if I really am too critical and lack the confidence in myself that other strong women my age have.

And because I don't fully love myself, I'm unable to truly express who I am to those I don't know really well (everyone other than my family and high school friends basically). Why the hell is that?!

The other night @ Villard after run club, one of the guys was like "Lauren, we realized we don't know anything about you. Tell us something." All of a sudden, everyone at the table was all ears.

For almost four straight months now I have hung out (but mostly ran) with this group 2-3 nights per week and they don't know anything about me. The sad thing is I had nothing of substance to tell them. So, I gave my stats: age, hometown and occupation. Boring. That's the best fucking thing I could come up with.

So, after thinking about it I came up with a few answers that would have been more interesting and real than what I provided.

1. I love (ok, I'm obsessed) within running or any form of working out. This, I realize, would probably be uninteresting to a group of runners.
2. I love food, preferably organic (thank god I love to work out).
3. I don't know what the hell I'm doing in life career-wise, but I know I love to run.
4. I'm a perfectionist, but have always had a messy or rather disastrous room.
5. I love a good chic flick or fiction about the glamorous life of some city girl.
6. I don't trust men and am not sure I ever will.
7. I'm hypersensitive and analyze everything so much so that sometimes I wish I were a guy.
8. I'm concerned about everyone else before myself.
9. I love Duck Athletics.
10. I love country music and occasionally tip back Coors Light while camping and wearing my cowboy hat.
11. I love to travel, but am pretty sure I haven't left the country yet (besides Canada and Mexico) because I'm terrified of not knowing what to expect and being unable to control my environment.
12. I am inspired by Oprah and hope to someday make a difference in the world the way she has affected change.

Ultimately, I realize I didn't give any of these answers because frankly they're just too fucking personal to say out loud.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Ever since our trip to Vegas, Britney and I are pretty much BFFs.

After hanging out with Brit, T and I enjoyed a few other highlights of Las Vegas, which included:

1. The glorious Mandalay Bay pool and it's wave pool and lazy river (thanks to the kid whose inner tube I stole)
2. Yard long margaritas
3. Wulff and "the girls"
4. Constantly seeking out a Starbucks to keep you awake until 4am
5. Tao night club and all its erotica
6. Spotting so many trashy whored out young women we could fill a Glamour Fashion DON'T book with them

The bottom line is, whoever says they don't like Vegas hasn't truly experienced it.