Weekend in SF!

I'm off for a fun weekend of hanging out with high school friends in the big city of San Francisco. Jolyn and I are heading down to visit Annie who works at an accounting firm in the city and her bf and roommates. I'm getting so excited! I love traveling and seeing friends. I'm not sure there is anything better.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the whole experience of flying. Some people I know hate airports. I however, love flying and the people watching that ensues in the airport while you're pretending to read a mag and drink your Starbucks. Jolyn and I will surely be making fun of other innocent travelers on our journey. So for those of you also travelling, look out!

Here Annie and I are last fall when I came down to visit when Oregon played Cal. We went out to lunch in the city at Samovar Tea Lounge that made amazing food to boot right near the MLK Jr Memorial and gardens.


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