The much anticipated...

8 Things I'm Passionate About

Saying what I'm thinking
Standing up for what I believe in
Working out
Being successful

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Qualify and run the Boston Marathon (I just have to cut 9 min off my marathon PR)
Move and live in another state (for at least a year or two)
Travel to Africa
Learn to speak Spanish fluently
Find the man of my dreams
Have babies
Live on the same street with my friends (Thanks for reminding me T)
Believe in myself

8 Things I Say Often

"Hey, what's up?"
"Alumni Association, this is Lauren."
"I'm just leaving run club/the gym."
"What an idiot."
"Are you serious?"
"Go Ducks!"
"Hahahaha (insert LP cackle here)."

8 Books I've read recently

Be Happy at Work: 100 Women who Love their Jobs, and Why
French Women Don't Get Fat
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Shopaholic Meets Manhattan
Shopaholic Ties the Knot
Into the Wild
Glamour (I know, I just can't think of any other BOOKS I've read recently)
Runner's World

7 Songs That I Could Listen to Over and Over

"Bubbly" by Colbie Caillet
"Home" by Michael Buble
"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John
"Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin
"Irreplaceable" by Beyonce
"Don't Take the Girl" and pretty much everything by Tim McGraw
"Wasted" by Carrie Underwood

8 Things That Attract Me to my Best Friends

Ability to make me laugh
An appreciation for sarcasm
Hard working
Unique in their own way
Willing to get crazy once in a while

5 Things I Have Learned This Past Year

Eugene is not as bad as I once thought
I'd like to figure out how to take myself a little less seriously
I want my job to be a reflection of who I am
I'm more creative than I give myself credit for
Organization will make you feel less stressed

Now, repost on your own blog and tell us all about your fabulous self! It's fun and a good learning experience.


Jordan said…
hi there! i just stumlbed upon your blog and i really like it! its not all about food or working out but other real life things too. also i'm 26 so its good to know that girls my age are blogging as well! i feel like all the ones i read are younger than me. i like this post, i may recreate it on my blog soon!

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