Viva Las Vegas

Ever since our trip to Vegas, Britney and I are pretty much BFFs.

After hanging out with Brit, T and I enjoyed a few other highlights of Las Vegas, which included:

1. The glorious Mandalay Bay pool and it's wave pool and lazy river (thanks to the kid whose inner tube I stole)
2. Yard long margaritas
3. Wulff and "the girls"
4. Constantly seeking out a Starbucks to keep you awake until 4am
5. Tao night club and all its erotica
6. Spotting so many trashy whored out young women we could fill a Glamour Fashion DON'T book with them

The bottom line is, whoever says they don't like Vegas hasn't truly experienced it.


LOL. I've been telling everyone for the last week that Brit and I were BFFs now - the great thing is, they all read those trashy star mags during the lunch break, so I was able to give them a blow by blow of her appearance at Club LAX at LEAST a week before the tabloids will have anything on it.

If you ask me, though, I'd say we're much more fun and exciting than she is :)

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