The Glory of the Red Bullseye

Last night after going to the gym, making dinner and showering I decided to make a quick run to Target to purchase a yoga mat for the class I'm taking through the University. Naturally, I have one already but it's at the 'rents house and I won't be visiting them for at least a few weeks so I had to get a new one.

As most of you probably know, a quick run to Target always turns into a shopping extravaganza. First stop: accessories, next: clothing, next: yoga mat!, and finally: food. Expecting to only purchase a yoga mat, I didn't grab a basket so I had a huge pile in my arms when I walked up to the register @ 9:40 p.m.

2 pairs of work pants + 1 dress + 1 pink yoga mat + 2 boxes of cereal = $97.20.

Now, if only I had accepted the offer to open a Target card, I could have saved a whopping $9.72.


WOW that is a lot of loot for not a lot of $$$. The Target here is kinda far away, so I haven't been in quite a while. There's a ShopKo, but that's just not the same, haha.

Kayla said…
Yeah, this post just makes me want to find an excuse to go to Target. Of course, I'm a DVD junkie, and given that I have no place to put all my dvds except a cardboard box, I should really hold off on buying more...

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