Perfect summer day

Today was a pretty good day. This weekend is the only one this month in which I am actually staying in Eugene. I woke up to the sun shining and went on a ten mile run. I know, I know, that's a long way. I ran down past Autzen Stadium, across the river and through the desolate University of Oregon campus and up some hills and then turned around.

Then, I got home, showered (after waiting a while for my roommate to take his sweet time in the shower) and hauled it down to the Saturday Market to hang out with my good high school friend Joel who was in town for a few hours. Sometimes a good dose of home (or what reminds you of home) is all you need for a delightful afternoon. We wandered around looking at the hippies and arts and crafts, bought some organic produce and chatted.

By this point it was pretty hot so I went over to Laura's apartment for a good dose of pool and tanning time. The apartment "tools" were out in full force throwing their football around, doing cannon balls and having girls lather baby oil on them. Lucky for me, I had a book and tried to remain engrossed in it so as not to stare at the buffoons.

After doing some errands, I came home to work on the scrapbook I'm making for Jessica and Scott's wedding (which by the way I really need to get a move on if I want it to be fairly finished by Wednesday when I leave for the wedding in Pendleton). Then, I went running AGAIN. Yes, I know you're thinking this is a bit exessive and frankly, it is.

But, because I'm running the Hood to Coast relay on August 24-25, I kind of have to be ready to run multiple times in one day. There are twelve people on my team from the Eugene Running Company and we each have three legs of approx 5-6 miles each, which will take us from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast. I'm pretty stoked for the relay. I have the final leg so I will be bringing the team to the finish line on the beach. In high school I ran the Portland to Coast and I will never forget what a bonding experience that was. You gotta love smelling sweaty teammates for 24hrs and bonding over subjects you wouldn't dare discuss outside this weekend, let alone the minivans.


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