Laughing so hard you're crying

The whole summer had been building to this weekend, the pinnacle of it all, and now it's over. Jessica and Scott's wedding. It was a four days of wedding preparations, celebrations, reuniting, and exhaustion.

Thursday three of the bridesmaids rolled into town to meet the bride to be for lunch and then headed on to the Charm Bracelet Trail around downtown Pendleton. Then, it was on to the Bachelorette for dinner and drinks and then meeting up with the boys for a long night of drinking and dancing.

Friday included decorating the reception hall, the bridal shower at the country club, the rehearsal, the chuck wagon rehearsal dinner, campfire and finally sleep. After sleeping just four hours the past few nights, Friday was truly trying on my patience and energy. When we stepped into the church at 4 pm Friday I was running on adrenaline and was not prepared for what crazy Father Clemens had in store for us (Yes, Kellen Clemens', former UO quarterback, uncle). And I almost lost it right there in the church when he told us that the entire bridal party would be coming up to take communion and those who weren't Catholic had to make a big X with their arms when doing so. You've got to be joking me.

Saturday we woke up @ 6:30am to go on a run with the bride up to the top of this hill as the sun rose. Then on to the hair salon for curls and bobby pins and finally on to the church to get dressed and take pictures. The ceremony started fashionably late and was painfully long. After that we stayed around for another hour finishing pictures and finally arriving at the reception where guests had eaten and were no longer sober. Scott's high school friends did their part to empty the place of alcohol by standing at the bar the entire reception.

So here's where the most fun night of my life started. Around 9pm the bridal party, friends and family gather at the fine dining and drinking establishment called Hamley's where we have a few drinks and most of the guys simply continue to drink themselves into oblivion. By 11pm when a few of the guys get cut off by the bartenders, we move on to The Rainbow Cafe across the street. Just imagine a trashy, redneck bar that serves beer in cans and hard drinks in plastic cups and decorates with Christmas lights all year long. Two highlights: one friend is howling at the moon and the other is collapsing her knees and laughing at everything the male on her arm has to say. Next stop: Crabby's, an even trashier, scary undergrown dance bar where we are clearly the hottest crew in the joint. For the next few hours Jackie and I remain sober and crazy dance with all our drunk friends laughing hysterically about every five minutes at the way Joe is "pop, dropping and locking it" or how Riley managed to keep his ass on the bar stool in his comatose state. Good lord, who knew you could have that much fun with a bunch of drunkies?!

You know you're having fun when you're standing on a street corner in downtown Pendleton, doubled over laughing and crying at the same time, and trying your best not to pee your pants. It was a night I will never forget full of chaos, scandal and hilarity. And I loved every minute of it. Thank God for amazing friends.


Ah ah ah, you spoke too soon Lauren! The pinnacle will of course be Labor day weekend in VEGAS!

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