Marathon Training: Week 5

I'm determined to get back on track. So here's week 5 of my training, two weeks ago. 

Monday - 6 miles easy(ish) @ 9:17 avg // I say easy(ish) because Monday runs never feel easy with the residuals of a long run reminding your legs they've recently done hard work. Nevertheless, I got 'er done.

Tuesday - 4.24 miles @ 8:49 avg + 6 x 100m strides on the track // I don't know why, but finishing a run with strides just makes you feel strong. Strides are something I almost never think of to do on my own, but when the coach tells you to do something, you do it!

Wednesday - 5.35 mi stroller run @ 9:35 avg + 30 min strength & core // It was a beautiful day for a run. In fact, I was able to take off my long sleeve and run in a tank top because there was sun out and it was in the high 40's.

Thursday - 7.5 mi speed workout: warm up, 4 x 1200m (alternating speeds every 400m), extended cool down to hit mileage // Pete was home late, so I managed a half mile warm up before hopping into the 1200's a set late. I figured that something was better than nothing/running the entire workout by myself. To hit coach's suggested overall mileage for the day, I had to add a few miles on to my cool down.

Friday - 30 min strength training + 1.7 mile stroller run @ 9:21 avg // Whenever I do strength, it's pretty much always at home before H wakes up or during naptime. I usually follow a few Youtube videos (something from SarahFit, Tone it Up, or Oiselle's dirty dozen) and/or just do some of the things I know I should be doing (glute bridges, donkey kicks to fire hydrant, single leg dumbbell deadlifts) and of course a little core.

Saturday - 25 min walk + 25 min Jasyoga // Our long run day is supposed to be Saturday, but when Pete works on these days I need to switch my long run to Sunday morning, so I try to get a little something in before he heads off to work so I don't loose my mind. <<-- i="">I don't do well hanging inside all day with a toddler if I haven't got some fresh air and steps first. 

Sunday - 13.1 snowy miles (10:58 avg) on the Ridgeline Trail (thanks mom!) // Because I work at noon on Sundays, my mom came down the night before so Pete and I could leave the house around 7:00 a.m. to do our run. It actually started snowing as we were getting ready and then when we got just a bit higher in the hills, it was really coming down.

It made my heart so happy. I know some people just love the sunshine, and I do, but there's not much that beats a snowy run for me. By the last few miles, my right hip flexor was really cranky at me (it's been much tighter than the left for a few years now), so I need to work on that. At the end of the day I had clocked over 30K steps! 

And, done!

What else?
We were asked to submit our A, B and C goals for the race to our coaches. I'm not really sure what I'm capable of since it's been three years since I've run a marathon (I finished that race in 3:38) and I haven't had a chance to run some really long distances (15+ mi) at pace, so I said my goals were:

  • A - Finish in 3:40, manage race well, feel great
  • B - Finish under 3:50, feel strong
  • C - Finish under 4:00 hrs
I'll admit that after just another week or two of training and trying to run some miles at goal pace, my A-C goals feel a bit lofty. An 8:24-8:47 pace (A-B goal) doesn't seem that easy at the moment, but I also know it's doable. 


Nice work on another solid week of training! That's great that your mom could come down and watch H so you guys could run together. I think working out together is the best way to spend time with your partner. Phil and I just went to a marriage retreat this weekend and they talked about carving out at least an hour of the week to spend together and discuss things that come up over the course of the week. Phil and I said that we want to try to do something like go for a walk for that hour of the week (Before surgery I would say we could go for a run, but I'm still getting my endurance back so talking while running with Phil isn't feasible for awhile as we tend to run at a faster pace than I usually do on my own since Phil is speedy). Anyways, glad you guys got to do your long run together! Those pictures from your run are beautiful! Running in snow is pretty magical but also extra hard so kudos to you for doing a long run in snow!!!

I hope that you are able to attain your goals! It's so hard to know what you can do after an absence from running that kind of distance! But you are such a hard worker, I think you'll surprise yourself on race day!
Amber said…
You are rocking your training!! I used to love doing our Friday morning trail runs in fresh snow. We'd go at 6am so it would still be pitch black out but the bright white fresh snow and the moon actually made it quite bright and beautiful. I really miss that group of ladies and that run!
Leigh said…
I'm impressed on how much training you fit in each week! Way to go :)

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