Friday, March 31, 2017

Marathon Training: Week 8

Week 8 marks the highest mileage so far during this training cycle -- 44 miles! My biggest mileage weeks are somewhere in the 50-55 mile range, so we're getting up there. Overall, I'm feeling good, but I still need to work at settling into that goal race pace for the marathon.

Monday - 6 miles @ 9:37 avg // I don't remember anything special about this run. Just kept it easy.

Tuesday - 7.3 miles @ Team workout: warm up, 5 x 1 mi @ goal race pace (8:35), cool down // The goal here was really to keep it close to our actual goal race pace. It is always a struggle to do that, but I was close(ish). Mile splits: 8:18, 8:18, 8:30, 8:18, 8:05. I guess my legs like 8:18's?

Wednesday - 4.85 stroller miles // This run felt a bit like intervals. I was trying to keep up with some speedy ladies and then had to stop a number of times to keep the little man happy (cover him back up with the blanket, tell him he couldn't get out just yet, etc.). Most days he's pretty happy in the stroller, but on this day he was over it by mile two.

Thursday - 8.2 miles @ 8:51 avg // Watching the sun come up and running eight miles on a clear morning. Ah, this is spring.

Friday - Rest day + 15 min weights // I worked all day at the running store and even got in a short lunchtime walk. Meanwhile, my little brother (who's on spring break) watched Henry.

H loves pretending to drive any vehicle. 

Saturday - Long run, 17.6 miles @ 9:30 avg // H man woke up early (6:00 a.m. I think), which is actually pretty normal these days, but still. Anyway, I was cranky from being tired. But, I knew that once I got going things would be fine. I no longer fear long runs like I once did. I suppose after you've done 100+ of them it doesn't seem like such a daunting task.

Pete did his long run all on trails, while I focused mostly on road with just four miles of trail thrown in near the beginning (because it makes me happy).

By the time I finished back at the car, clocking 17.6 miles, I was pretty tired. Not wrecked, but once I stopped running I could feel all these things I hadn't noticed before -- my right hip and knee and my left foot. 

Because we hadn't run together and my mom was at home with the little guy, we decided to refuel at Vero Espresso for our date portion of the morning. Necessary: coffee, carbs and more carbs. We ordered a blueberry muffin while we waited for our Challah French toast, bacon and eggs.

Sunday - Rest day, Foam rolling class // I didn't have to work, so it was nice to be able to make it the foam rolling class @ Sweaty Ganesh and enjoy some family time.

We even met up with some friends at a brewery and let the kids enjoy the play area while we had a beer. Unfortunately, Henry decided to push his little friend over several times. I know he's just testing the limits, but it's frustrating when your kid is the bully and timeouts or telling them no or that it's not nice doesn't work.

What else?
It's now just a week until the Peterson Ridge Rumble and it looks like rain is in the forecast. I've run this race twice now and never had to deal with rain or snow. I'm really crossing my fingers we don't end up running 20 miles in the rain because that wouldn't be very fun and the views likely won't be as pretty.

And, we're spending an extra night in Central Oregon, so I'm really hoping we get a few hours to sit outdoors in the sun enjoying some good food, beer and the Deschutes River.

Alrighty, time to settle in with a hot cup of tea and Netflix before sleep! What's your favorite morning or evening ritual? 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Marathon Training: Week 7

Okay, I'll be recapping two training weeks on the blog this week, so here goes week 7! As a reminder, I'm training for the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler (April 9) and the Eugene Marathon (May 7).

And as it goes with running, I'm already thinking about what other races I would like to do: Ridgeline Ramble (13 miles of trail here in Eugene on Memorial Day weekend), MRTR 50K (because registration for the lottery starts April 1), Silver Falls Half (fills up the day reg opens), etc. And as the sun peaks out just a bit more here and there, I'm dreaming of a few weekend runs on trails I haven't explored, like the North Umpqua Trail.

Monday - 5 miles easy (9:28 avg) // I don't remember much about this run, other than being happy to be able to run in a tee and on the bark for a few miles.

Tuesday - 7.25 miles @ 8:55 avg + 6 x 100m strides on the track // For this run, I tried to stay closer to my race pace for a few miles, but there were some hills involved, so it was slower than race pace, but still a more concerted effort to feel out that pace. And strides? They're always fun because they're over before you know it!

Wednesday - 4.25 miles easy, stroller run // This was a nice and relaxed pace. It was only myself and another mama, so we just took it easy and did a bit of strength afterward back at the running store.

Thursday - a.m. upper body strength + p.m. speed work (7.3 miles total, workout: 8x800m alternating marathon and tempo pace) // It was a beautiful night for a workout on the track, but still pretty chilly out. As it goes running with others, I had a hard time really going slow enough on the marathon pace repeats.

Friday - 2.6 miles @ 8:51 avg + 15 min weights // This was technically supposed to be a rest day, but since I wasn't going to be able to run long on Saturday (manfriend working), it feels weird to take two rest days in a row, so I did an easy shakeout.

Because the whole fam bam was together on Friday, we watched the Ducks play in the first round of the NCAA tournament (they're now headed to the Final 4!), wore our green and then spectated the local Lucky Clover 5/10K. I really enjoy running this race, but because it wasn't on my training plan, I decided it would be better to go and cheer others on. Henry was practicing his running when he'd see other runners go by us.

Saturday - 20 min core work (this Sarah Fit video) + chores // This core workout left my core sore for 2-3 days! I also did a decent amount of house work, including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, vacuuming out the car and cleaning bathrooms. My mom had Henry for a few hours, so I decided to live on the wild side and do some cleaning followed by a much needed pedicure.

Sunday - 15 mile trail run // I left the house shortly after 7:00 a.m. to get this run in before showering, eating and heading to work at the store. I also wore my new Brooks Calderas for the first time and had zero issues with them. Not even a blister.

Afterward, I refueled at home with coffee and an egg, cheese and veggie sandwich before racing off to work. 

Traffic was really busy at the store that day, which I think helped my legs from getting super sore. That eve, I made sure to do plenty of foam rolling on my legs, rear and feet. For the feet, I always use a lacrosse ball because they're harder and denser that most options and really seem to help keep issues at bay. 

What else? 
I've been thinking about macros and nutrient timing just a bit. I'm trying to be a bit more conscious of eating more protein and lower carbs first thing in the morning, especially.

Frankly, I don't have any interest in eating lentils, beans or protein powder at breakfast. I like eggs and often have them with Ezekiel toast w/ PB or AB, but then I'm left with lunch and dinner and it just gets old eating veggie pasta or rice/quinoa bowls.

Moral of the story is, I need to pick a few new recipes to try so I have something else to throw in the mix once in a while. Also, I need to get back into the swing of making black bean burgers, because YUM.

Happy Monday, friends! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Marathon Training: Week 6

Monday - 4.8 miles @ 9:29 avg in wet snowy mix // This run wasn't nearly as pretty as Sunday's snowy trail run, but in Oregon it's still fun to see snow. I met a friend for 3.5 miles and then slogged it out a bit longer with the snow hitting my face until I just called it a day.

Tuesday - 7.5 mile team workout: warm up, 1.25mi @ race pace, 5 x 400m at threshold, 1.25 mi @ race pace, 5 x 400m at threshold, cool down // I'm trying to do more to focus on what the pace feels like than look at my watch because that's been throwing me off. It's always fun to run with others your pace!

Taste the rainbow.

Above: Not necessarily running related, but I make this soup about every other week these days. I like that it's easy to make, nutritious, filling, and Henry likes it. And I really like when I make something that can last us for several days as leftovers.

Wednesday - 4 mile stroller run @ 8:49 avg + 40 min weights & core // It was a rainy run. As for strength work, I fit it in during nap time. It's not necessarily fun, but I know it will help me be a stronger runner and help to fight fatigue in those last miles of my races.

Thursday - Functional Strength class at ReCharge, 1 hr // Was supposed to run today, but I wanted to try this class (@ 6:15 a.m.) and Henry and I ended up going to Portland to meet my new baby nephew George who was born on Wednesday.

Friday - 4 miles @ 9:52 avg // For some reason, I can't remember anything about this run, but I do know it was just an easy neighborhood slog while listening to The Lively Show podcast.

Saturday - 10 mile course preview run w/ pace work @ 8:51 avg + foam rolling // I met the team and some others who wanted to join the Eugene Marathon preview run for a rainy long run. The goal: 3 miles easy, 5 miles @ race pace (8:35 avg), 2 miles easy. My easy miles were faster than prescribed and my fast miles were slightly slower, but pretty close. Also, this run left me a lot more sore than I would have expected, but fun to run with others. I need to work on running by feel more and caring about my watch less.

A bonus to doing the official preview run? Some of Lane Community College's massage students were there afterward giving out free 15 minute massages! My glutes and hamstrings were oh so thankful. 

Sunday - 30 min gentle recovery yoga/stretching + foam rolling

What else? 
The theme for this week was clearly that I need to start running more by feel and not get so worried about the watch. Working on that...

I'm also trying not to get too worried about the fact that I'm essentially training for two very different races. One more casual by nature (trail running is always more laid back and I haven't done much trail running lately) and one hopefully, more aggressive 26.2 mi on the pavement.

Okay, the little guy is napping, so I better get some work done! Happy St. Patty's Day! Any fun plans for your weekend?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Marathon Training: Week 5

I'm determined to get back on track. So here's week 5 of my training, two weeks ago. 

Monday - 6 miles easy(ish) @ 9:17 avg // I say easy(ish) because Monday runs never feel easy with the residuals of a long run reminding your legs they've recently done hard work. Nevertheless, I got 'er done.

Tuesday - 4.24 miles @ 8:49 avg + 6 x 100m strides on the track // I don't know why, but finishing a run with strides just makes you feel strong. Strides are something I almost never think of to do on my own, but when the coach tells you to do something, you do it!

Wednesday - 5.35 mi stroller run @ 9:35 avg + 30 min strength & core // It was a beautiful day for a run. In fact, I was able to take off my long sleeve and run in a tank top because there was sun out and it was in the high 40's.

Thursday - 7.5 mi speed workout: warm up, 4 x 1200m (alternating speeds every 400m), extended cool down to hit mileage // Pete was home late, so I managed a half mile warm up before hopping into the 1200's a set late. I figured that something was better than nothing/running the entire workout by myself. To hit coach's suggested overall mileage for the day, I had to add a few miles on to my cool down.

Friday - 30 min strength training + 1.7 mile stroller run @ 9:21 avg // Whenever I do strength, it's pretty much always at home before H wakes up or during naptime. I usually follow a few Youtube videos (something from SarahFit, Tone it Up, or Oiselle's dirty dozen) and/or just do some of the things I know I should be doing (glute bridges, donkey kicks to fire hydrant, single leg dumbbell deadlifts) and of course a little core.

Saturday - 25 min walk + 25 min Jasyoga // Our long run day is supposed to be Saturday, but when Pete works on these days I need to switch my long run to Sunday morning, so I try to get a little something in before he heads off to work so I don't loose my mind. <<-- i="">I don't do well hanging inside all day with a toddler if I haven't got some fresh air and steps first. 

Sunday - 13.1 snowy miles (10:58 avg) on the Ridgeline Trail (thanks mom!) // Because I work at noon on Sundays, my mom came down the night before so Pete and I could leave the house around 7:00 a.m. to do our run. It actually started snowing as we were getting ready and then when we got just a bit higher in the hills, it was really coming down.

It made my heart so happy. I know some people just love the sunshine, and I do, but there's not much that beats a snowy run for me. By the last few miles, my right hip flexor was really cranky at me (it's been much tighter than the left for a few years now), so I need to work on that. At the end of the day I had clocked over 30K steps! 

And, done!

What else?
We were asked to submit our A, B and C goals for the race to our coaches. I'm not really sure what I'm capable of since it's been three years since I've run a marathon (I finished that race in 3:38) and I haven't had a chance to run some really long distances (15+ mi) at pace, so I said my goals were:

  • A - Finish in 3:40, manage race well, feel great
  • B - Finish under 3:50, feel strong
  • C - Finish under 4:00 hrs
I'll admit that after just another week or two of training and trying to run some miles at goal pace, my A-C goals feel a bit lofty. An 8:24-8:47 pace (A-B goal) doesn't seem that easy at the moment, but I also know it's doable.