Friday Fun

As it is everywhere it seems, it's hot here this week! Yesterday and today's high are 97F. Thankfully, our house has central AC, a modern convenience I haven't had in a house I've lived in before. Let me tell you, it's pretty nice to just flip that switch to cool.

Yesterday, I packed our bag and headed to the local pool that has a few shallow pools, a sandbox and water sprayers for kids. While Henry can't really partake much on his own, we still had fun as I bobbed us around the 2-3' pool for quite a while.

Afterward, I swung by the store to pick up some yogurt pops, fruit and beer and then went home to cook up a few Gardenburgers for dinner. It just felt like one of those quintessential summer days, ya know?

After Henry went to sleep, I grabbed my journal and a beer and sat on the front porch. 

Sometimes you buy things because the label is pretty.

It turns out that Henry had a pretty high fever in the middle of the night, so we had a bit of an off night with him waking up a few times, nursing, needing Motrin and then being up for the day by 5:45 am. 

I missed my early morning run with a friend, but still got in a short run before Pete left for work. This whole week has felt a bit off just reentering the running world after over a week of not running, but I managed to get in four runs so far and one more tomorrow as I'm helping to lead a group trail run through Run Hub. 

I'm also trying to do a bit of yoga at home since going to a studio rarely works out these days, so I'm considering it a win if I can even do 15-20 minutes here and there. It's something anyway. 

In other randomness this week...

Henry thought we needed five packages of crumpets while I picked out bread at Trader Joe's. I've never had a crumpet, but these looked like holey English muffins.

And the dog snapchat filter just doesn't get old. It's so cute. Henry, however is bored with it in about 2.5 seconds.

How's your week been? What's on deck for the weekend?


Thank goodness you guys have a/c! That's HOT weather! It's been hot here, too, and really humid but the humidity broke this week. We have a/c, too, but the upstairs (where the bedrooms are) doesn't seem to cool down much, probably because this is an old house and the a/c was added in much much later so it's probably not optimally installed. But it helps a little bit so we'll take what we can get!

This weekend has gone by so fast for me. I flew back from a work trip on Friday night so we took it easy and grilled dinner. Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning and doing meal prep as a couple and their daughter came over for dinner last night. Today is going to be more of a shouldless day although I have some chores that I need to do like laundry and meal prep but they are chores I don't mind doing. I'm coming down with a cold so really want to take it easy today so I can nip it into the bud before I get even more sick.

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