All's Quiet on the [Coffee] Front

Okay, I'm racing to get this third post in before the end of the week. We are heading out to go camping with friends in an hour or so, so I wanted to get my third post in.

Also, Henry went back to sleep after his 5:00 am wake up, so I've been enjoying a little quiet time, but still have a list of THINGS TO DO! And first on that list was a quiet coffee sitting on the couch watching the sky brighten up. Ahhhh...

I thought for this morning's post I'd just talk about our little outdoor adventures this week. After prepping for several events at Run Hub (the running store I work at) and then 10 days of the Olympic Trials in town, it feels nice to have a bit more down time and get back to some of our outdoorsing [new word I just made up].

On Monday afternoon, we met up with our friend Heather and her baby Andrew for a little hike up Spencer Butte. It may be short (3 mi round trip), but what it lacks in distance, it makes up for in elevation and views.

I mentioned this on Instagram, but the butte is more terrifying now that Henry is walking everywhere. So many rocks to trip on and opportunities for him to fall off the side of the mountain.

Evidence that he sat for approximately 5 seconds at the top...

We also took a little ride with H in his trailer. Made a pit stop to stare at the ducks wading in the water. 

Thursday eve, he had taken a late nap, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to get out and enjoy the last bit of sunlight for the day. We hopped on the Ridgeline Trail and did an easy 45 minute hike, taking time to touch some of the trees along the way.

Henry and I were under the weather this week, so sleep was a bit rough for everyone, but I hope we're back on track. Crossing my fingers that tent camping goes well tonight! 

Okay, gotta run! Happy weekend!


I love that you get outdoors with Henry so much! He's going to grow up appreciating and loving hiking I bet! I am envious of all the great hiking that you have so close by. That's one thing that Minneapolis lacks due to our geography, obviously.

I hope that you guys are feeling better and that you have fun camping this weekend! I was hoping to go on my first camping trip in August but I was planning to go with 2 girls that I used to work with and we could not find an open summer weekend. :( Maybe next year!
Amber said…
Have fun camping! I echo what Lisa said - I bet Henry is going to grow up LOVING the outdoors!

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