Mother's Day Hike: Brice Creek Trail

I know Mother's Day was a while ago, but I got some great photos on this hike and wanted to share them. As Mother's Day was nearing, I told the manfriend that what I wanted to do for the day was go on a hike and have some good food. I took the day off working at the running store so we could have some much needed family time. 

While the weather that morning was rainy and grey in Eugene, I hoped our hiking weather would be more desirable. Henry slept in a bit and then we got him dressed and fed and loaded up the car to drive south about an hour to Brice Creek (30 min outside Cottage Grove) where we planned to hike. Thankfully, the weather down south was clear and perfect for hiking. <I busted my knee open
almost two years ago.>>

The trail has some gradual hills, but for the most part is pretty flat and goes along the creek and eventually lands you at Trestle Creek Falls about 3.1 miles later. 

Henry was starting to get fussy and hungry, so we actually turned around about 0.6 miles before the falls. While I had wanted to make it to the falls, I was already totally happy we were out hiking, seeing beautiful scenery and spending time together, so turning around made the most sense for a happy baby. About a mile after turning around (and handing the backpack over to the manfriend), Henry fell asleep and we quietly made our way back to the trailhead. 

It doesn't look comfortable, but it was pretty cute seeing his little head hanging off to the side as he snoozed away.

Just as we made it back to the final bridge to walk back to our car, the little guy woke up and was pretty cheerful for our family photo. :)

We got back to Eugene around 1:00pm and grabbed slices of wood-fired pizza and a salad from the local market for lunch. This is definitely an activity I'm putting on our summer list, at least once or twice. 

Father's Day is this weekend, so I better go get a card and some other goodies! H and I will be out of town Friday and Saturday, so I figure that's his gift, right?! A bit of solo time. 

On the running front, my half marathon is just a month away, so I need to stick to some regular running and maybe try and throw in a few speed workouts for kicks. This is a hilly half, so I have no intentions of being super speedy on race day, but I figure it can't hurt with all those hills.

Since I'll be out of town most of Friday and Saturday and will be working on Sunday, I'm going to try and make my Friday morning run a long one. The last two weekends we've been out of town and had family visiting, so a long run wasn't possible. Now I just need to get in a few more 10-12 milers and I figure I'm good to go. 

Any fun plans for your weekend? If you're training for something, give me the details!


That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your first Mother's Day! I love the photos of Henry zonked out and then smiling for the family photo! It's great that you guys are so good about doing things you normally would have done pre-baby, like going for hikes!

We don't have much planned for this weekend which is good as we were gone last weekend and I have something going on every night next week except Wednesday. I am hoping to get all my cleaning, grocery shopping and such done on Saturday so I can relax on Sunday!
Lisa Valinsky said…
This sounds like so much fun, and glad you got a family photo at the end of it.

My only plan for this weekend is to visit the farmers' market. One of my favorite things to do! I'll also see what the hubs wants to do for Father's Day - his first one! :)
Leigh said…
Love that family picture of you guys! H is just so cute. We are heading to Banff on Saturday to see Brian's family (they are there for the weekend), Sunday I'm sure Brian will go biking and that's it so far :)
Amber said…
I LOVE that family picture of you guys! H does look so happy and cheerful in it! What a lovely Mother's Day outing :)

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