Thanks for all your positive feedback on the whole motherhood thing. I'm definitely learning as I go and trying to give myself grace when I have negative thoughts. And, I started taking Vitamin D, so we'll see if that helps.

I thought I'd update you all on our move and how Henry is liking his new space. So, by nature I am a procrastinator who likes to fill her days with more than is humanly possible to achieve.

We started packing slowly about two weeks prior to move day. Then I quickly realized how soon things were going to be happening and started picking up more boxes, scheduling a Uhaul, and trying to pack and organize during naps (or with Henry crawling around at my feet).

I haven't moved too many times, but it's definitely not a task I enjoy. I like to save things that are sentimental or that I think I might use someday (ahem, science books and notebooks) even though I know I don't need them, which means I get to see these fine things when I move. 

We currently have about 4 boxes in the garage of books and notebooks that I have yet to open. Instead of saving them, I think I will try to sell the text books online if possible. At least that way I'll feel that I'm getting something back from them. :)

We got our keys on a Wednesday and planned to move most of Saturday and Sunday. My dad and a few guy friends helped load things into the Uhaul on Saturday and my mom watched Henry, which was super helpful. By Saturday evening, we had 90% of our things in the new place and were able to go to sleep in our beds. Sunday was spent doing more cleaning and emptying of the old house.

Then last week we really had just a few little things to get and some cleaning to do before the buyer took possession of the house. While Henry isn't very patient these days, he actually really liked being on my back in the Ergo. This was his first time on my back, but I think he liked feeling like a little koala all snug on my back as we cleaned the fridge and freezer, mopped and scrubbed things.

After a week in the new house, life feels fresh and exciting. Our rental is bigger with plenty of room for Henry to crawl around and tons of cupboards and new space for him to discover.

The DVD player seems to be of particular interest to him, and of course, the cords behind the TV.

Outside the house, I've really enjoyed going on walks and runs in our new neighborhood. My first morning run gifted me with this nice sunrise over the nearby hill. 

And our new 'hood has some hills, which is probably good for my running (and my rear). A few friends and I are signed up for the Fueled by Fine Wine half in July, which takes place in Oregon wine country, so hill training is going to be necessary. 

I hope you're having a relaxing weekend! It's a rainy, stay indoors kind of weekend around here.


I am glad that you are all adjusting to your new space and like it so far! It looks like a pretty neighborhood! Moving is SUCH a pain. I have moved so much in the last 5 years, which has pushed me to be a less sentimental person as I have gotten rid of more and more things over the years, especially recently with my February purge. I'm hoping that it makes my next move MUCH easier!!
I bet you are glad to have that in the past! I don't love moving, although it really does give you a great chance to go through some things and realize that you have not used them in years and then you can (sometimes) finally let them go. I am STILL going through things from my last move, because I had been traveling for so long that I just left all my things in storage. Some things I even forgot that I had. It's kind of fun to look at them and then wonder why the heck I saved them in the first place. So then you can enjoy it by looking at it for a minute and then give it away. (PS I still have my old school books too!)
Leigh said…
Glad to hear the move went well for you guys! Henry is looking so grown up these days. So cute!

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