Long Live the Bike Date

By now, you probably know about my love for bike dates. The manfriend and I have always loved a good bike adventure paired with good food and/or beverage and I'm so happy that hasn't been lost forever. Yes, there is hope for life after baby (with the help of a grandparent or babysitter)!

Last Friday, my mom came down to watch the little man while we headed out for what I believe was our second date since Henry was born. 

Downtown Eugene is only a few miles from our house, but just enough that it makes the journey exciting and I can poke fun at the manfriend, sing random songs, or say silly things. -->There's something about being on a bike that just makes me act like a kid. 

Our plan was to head to the Whiteaker neighborhood for beer and then move on to ice cream so we would have a few different stops rather than going out to dinner and coming right home.  So, we had a quick dinner at home and then hopped on the bikes and headed straight for Ninkasi. I had the Dawn of the Red and he had the Quantum Pale. 

As usual, we bumped into a few friends (Eugene is small like that), had some good conversation and tasty beer, and jumped back on the bikes with our sights set on Red Wagon Creamery

If you ever visit Eugene, you should definitely check out Red Wagon. They use high quality, locally sourced products and the flavors do not disappoint. After tasting their specials, I opted to go with the Pumpkin King, which just so happened to have Ninkasi's Pumpkin Sleigh'r Ale in it + a pumpkin butter swirl. Yuuuum.

Because the manfriend likes his beer (and I like him), we popped next door to the First National Taphouse so he could have one more beer before we hit the road for home. I sipped on water thanks to my lightweight status. ;)

And then we got back on the bikes and headed home to this little fellow. 

Thanks, mom for watching Henry so we could have a fun little date night! It was a good reminder that making dates (and plenty of laughter) a priority is important, even when raising a wee one. 

P.S. How funny does he look in these tight little jammies sitting in the bumbo chair? He is currently wearing 9 month PJ's because he's so long!


Leigh said…
Love that you guys have continued to do this! I was just about to say he looks so big and long in those pjs! Too cute :)
Henry looks so big in that last photo! I can't believe he is already in 9 month pjs because of his length! He is going to be a tall one!!

I love that you guys go on bike dates! How fun that you stopped at a couple of different places, too. Sounds like such a fun adventure! And I am sure your mom was MORE than happy to babysit! I wish Phil would buy a bike so we could go on bike dates but he is so stubborn about making bigger purchases!!
Jessica Jarrell said…
Oh my gosh, I really miss Ninkasi. I've been able to buy Rogue beer here in Kentucky, but no such luck with Ninkasi. Maybe someday. Baby Henry is so cute, I love that picture of him. Classic!

Hope you are having a great week Lauren! :)
Henry looks cute in his little PJs! Those chairs are great. My friend used to use that all the time so that she could shower / do the dishes etc! They are a life saver.
Amber said…
Oh my gosh Henry is growing up fast! He looks so cute in that photo. That is hilarious he is already in 9 month pajama's!

Your bike date sounds AWESOME! I wish our city wasn't so hilly, it would be super fun to bike for beers!! That ice cream sounds amazing too. I'm glad you have family nearby to help out with watching Henry so you can get in some much deserved one on one time with each other!
Long Haul Momma said…
Love it!! Glad you two are getting out...very important....

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