Week in Workouts

Hi, friends. I have a 'body after baby' themed post I'm working on, but I just can't seem to find the right words or motivation to finish it the way I want to. Anyway, I always enjoy recapping the week in fitness and it's easy enough, so here goes.

Last week was a great one in terms of workouts. I told myself I needed to run 3x during the course of the week, which sounds easy considering I used to workout twice daily several times a week and run about 5x, but the whole baby thing throws a wrench into that old lifestyle. Anywho, 3 runs - I did it!

Monday - 15 min run/walk (alternating 1 minute running & :30 walking) + naptime upper body work (Sarah Fit arm & upper body workouts)

Tuesday - p.m. yoga stretch + handstand work (Just had to see if my body still remembered how to do that. Thankfully, it does and not too terribly.)

Wednesday - 24 min run/walk (alternating 1-2 minutes running & :30 walking)  + 3 mile stroller walk

Thursday - 20 minute naptime yoga + quick strength session

Friday - 3 mile stroller walk + 10 min yoga

Saturday - 27 min run/walk (alternating 2-3 minutes running & :30 walking) Wahoo! Progress! + 15 min walking warm up and cool down

This run was especially awesome because I made a point to ask the manfriend to watch Henry so I could drive to the river and run. These days all of my runs are done around the neighborhood, which frankly gets really boring and doesn't feed my soul the way running along the river or on a trail does.

Sunday - rest (worked at the running store)

How I Felt
The pelvis still feels weird. Like it's a bit loose and the muscles supporting it are weak. Every two minutes of running feels hard and makes me think getting back to those double digit runs is going to be no joke. 

This week I had to remind myself that it's okay to ask for time for me. While taking care of Henry is currently my main "job," I need opportunities to clear my head and do something for my own well being too. 

A few Sundays ago, I told the manfriend around 5:00 p.m. that I needed to get out of the house for a little bike ride. While I felt guilty doing it, I so needed it. And 35 minutes of cruising down the bike path with a podcast playing had me feeling refreshed and happy, even if I did return home to a screaming, hungry baby.

I also had days this week where I just kept eating non stop. Nursing + exercise really requires a lot of extra calories, so I fueled as necessary. It was a good reminder that I should work on upping the size of my meals so I'm not snacking on granola bars, cereal, and tortilla chips to feed the hunger monster.

How is your week going? Best thing you did for yourself last week? 


Leigh said…
Nice job on the workouts momma! And I agree with you...as a mom, taking care of baby is number one, but you also need to take care of yourself too. I find that getting out of the house for 30 min walk or run by myself (or with Harley) leaves me feeling a bit refreshed and that I can handle a crying baby again :)
I am glad that you are finding ways to take time for yourself! I think that is so important as caring for an infant is such a 24/7 kind of job so you really need some downtime to recharge your battery! Nice work on a solid week of workouts! And that is great that the handstand work went well and that your body remembers how to do that!

This week has been kind of a blur for me as I've been busy at work and have had things going on after work. Today is my Friday as I fly to see Amber tomorrow!!!!! And something I did for myself last week was let myself have lattes two days in a row last weekend as I had early mornings between a 6 am run club run and volunteering at a race on Sunday morning.
Amber said…
Great job on the workouts! I think me time is so important for a new mom, that's what I keep hearing from my other new mom friends anyways. Try not to feel guilty, taking care of you allows you to be a better mom to Henry!

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