A Little of This and That

You may have noticed I haven't found much time these days to blog. I know you're probably sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for another post. ;)

Just for fun (and ease, and because baby is napping), I thought I'd do a quick little round up of what's been going on the last few days based on the photos on my phone.

I've been experimenting with putting Henry down for nap in his crib drowsy to help him learn how to put himself to sleep. Sometimes it works and other times it's a total bust.

On Tuesday, it was a bust resulting in a 5 minute morning nap, so around noon at a playgroup we go to with other mamas and babies, he fell asleep sitting up in my arms.

The weather really felt like fall last week, which was a little depressing, but meant we had to bundle up for our walks. One day the little guy just kept staring up at me with these big adorable eyes. 

I've been working at the running store on Sundays, which is a nice little break from mamahood. Things were really hopping yesterday, so it was nice to wind down a bit with H and the manfriend at the 5th Street Market afterward. 

I can't seem to escape the wood fired pizza when hungry and within walking distance of Marche Provisions. Manfriend, sorry about eating the huge piece, but I figured you had the beer so we were even.

Before this morning, it had been at least two months since I last painted my toenails. This Sally Hansen polish always goes on really nicely and is bit cheaper than Essie or OPI.

Polish name: Commander in Chic. How fun would it be to name polishes or write copy for greeting cards?

Smoothie success today = not too sweet and not too earthy

Ingredients: frozen banana, orangelo watermelon (this was so good fresh), mixed greens, oats, almond milk, sliced almonds, goji berries, cinnamon and ginger.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


I can see how you don't have much time to blog but I always am happy to see posts from you as I like hearing what you guys are up to! I hope that the new running store is doing great! I stopped by the one in my neighborhood on Saturday and it was PACKED as they had just done a store-sponsored long run and had a shopping event after it.

There were a lot of highlights to my weekend, like an awesome 16 mile run, a fun evening making dinner for Phil and his mom, and doing a bike tour event on Sunday morning in Minneapolis.
Leigh said…
Oh goodness, the picture of Henry looking up at you is adorable! I love his hat too :)
Jessica Jarrell said…
Henry is too cute! Just adorable :) What did you think of Commander in Chic? I love it in the bottle, but it looks weird with my skin tone. Always one I admired, but never wear. Hope you are having a good week Lauren!
Amber said…
That picture of Henry asleep in your arms is so so sweet! That's great you've been working at the running store on Sunday's! I love that you still call P manfriend on the blog, brings me back to the early days -- can't believe how long we've been reading each others blogs!

I have barely been blogging lately as well. With some big transitions at work over the last few months I've been super busy and working 6+ days and 60+ hours every week. I'm hoping it balances out soon but at this rate it looks like I'll be pretty busy until Christmas!

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