The Reality of Motherhood

(isn't always pretty). This is the point we stop being nice and start getting real. Nevermind, that was the premise of MTVs The Real World.

Anyway, in a tear-stained moment of exhaustion last night, I was inspired to write this post.

The reality of motherhood (sometimes) is...

1.  Looking like a hot mess 90% of the time. Hair unbrushed, spit up down your shirt, milk leaking from your boobs, and dark circles occupying your under eyes.

2.  Being so exhausted from limited sleep, constantly carrying around your baby, and being the sole food source that bursting into tears is necessity

3.  Deeming workout apparel appropriate for any situation. It used to be I wore my running shorts and tanks for exercise related activities only. But now it just seems like the easiest thing to throw on. Someday, I'll have time to look cute again.

4.  Fondly remembering the days you had time to put on makeup and blow dry and straighten your hair before leaving the house.

5.  Wondering what it would feel like to have that post yoga zen in your life. Being bendy feels like a lifetime ago.

6.  Envying those who are out blissfully riding their bike in the sunshine. I wanna ride a bike...

7.  Laughing at the idea of trying out a new dinner recipe (and yet I keep saving them in feedly).

8.  Debating whether coffee or a nap is a better option at 4:00 p.m. and then laugh because let's be real, you're not napping unless baby naps and baby isn't napping. Coffee it is.

But this guy, he's a million times worth it.


Feel free to chime in if you have any to share!


I think "keepin' it real posts" like this are important as I am sure that other mothers will read this and nod their head! I think being a mom is probably the hardest job but also the most rewarding! Good thing babies are cute so that you can look at them and say - ok, this is worth it (kind of...).

Here's hoping you get a little more sleep soon and feel a little less overwhelmed. I am not even going to try to compare our sleep situations because our situations are SO DIFFERENT, but I feel you on sleep deprivation. I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep last night so I really could cry at any moment out of exhaustion myself... :/
Kathleen Ojo said…
Oh man, this takes me back. When my daughter was 5 months old, my husband woke up at 3am to find me sobbing on the floor of the nursery with the baby blinking at me from her crib. Total breakdown. Motherhood is intense - the change in lifestyle and PPD-inducing crazy hormone shifts would be enough, but then you have to deal with all of that on no sleep! Hang strong, sleep when you can, LEAN ON YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK (if someone offers help, say yes no matter what), and know that it really is temporary. Besides, nature is kind - you really will remember the good moments, and the bad will fade away.
Amber said…
I've watched lots of good friends go through mother hood in the last year or so and they have all expressed all the exact same things you say in this post! It's a hard thing!! Hope you feel less overwhelmed and are able to get some more sleep soon. Sending hugs, and coffee!! xoxo
Elizabeth said…
A) you ARE adorable even in running gear with bags under your eyes, spit up, and the hair undone/no make up...even if you don't necessarily feel it at this moment :) but believe me, you're still absolutely adorable...AND truly amazing

B) he is also adorable. :)

C) you're incredible. these moments are tough. I appreciate the realness. it's not all perfect but man are there some pretty amazing things even in those trying times.

D) Coffee....get all the coffee...

E) someday not far from now he'll be crawling all over you during yoga and riding along on those bike & hiking trips....enjoy his current adorableness but daydream of those upcoming moments too :)

F) Text me your address :) I want to mail you something...

and G) Let me know if you want a buddy to come down and hold the lil guy for a while. You can shower and drink more coffee AND I'll get baby love. :)

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